Are you too big for your stone?

Support can come to you in many ways

At first, you may even be tested on its arrival; is this what you really want? Is this really for your highest good, or is it just another stepping stone?

I’ve just spent some time on a stepping stone in one element of my business. I wasn’t there for very long, although it felt very comfortable in the beginning. Until one day, it stopped feeling comfortable and I felt stuck.

I felt too big for this tiny stone, as if I couldn’t move forwards (because where was the next stone?) and I couldn’t move backwards (that last stone had already sunk). I definitely couldn’t move to the left or right – forward was my only guiding light.

I didn’t want to flounder, and as much as I love a good refreshing dip, I didn’t want to swim between stepping stones. I wanted to make that ubiquitous leap; but it had to be measured, actionable, and in alignment with my integrity, my vision, my dreams and my beliefs.

Did I wait for this new stone to find me? No. Oh gosh, I could have waited forever, and it wouldn’t have found me. I had to leap.

So, I didn’t rush, but I also didn’t procrastinate; I made an educated, intuition-based decision.


How can something be based on an educated knowing and intuition, you ask?

It can be a little bit of both when our energy is clear, when we’re not stuck in overwhelm, and when we’re open to seeing new perspectives, even whilst we’re still sitting in an old one.

So this educated-intuitive knowing helped me find my next step. And the stone appeared. (The ‘net’ can appear too. I’m going with ‘stone’ for this.)

My next stepping stone is roomy, and easy, and breezy. I am here now. I feel really safe here. I trust this stone.

But you know what?

In the beginning (and sometimes even in the middle), the extra space can also feel daunting, overwhelming, sprawling. How will I fill it? My head wanted to know. How will I adapt?

But my heart and my intuition and my guidance were all like, Chill, Cass. One stepping stone at a time. Let this feel ‘new’. ‘New’ is okay. It’s a beginning. Let yourself start here. Deep breath. You got this.


So I’m here to tell you:

You got this, too.

If your stepping stone is feeling cramped, step off it.

Maybe you’ll have to swim or paddle or float for a little while.

But soon you’ll find the next stone.

And when you step on it, the extra space will feel like home.

(Even if a tiny part of you is like, Um, how will I fill this space?)

You got this.




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