Start where it feels big

It’s taken me a while to find my own flow in my creative process

Before I knew how to be confident in my creative process (and I say it like that because I believe we all have it in us to be confident in how/what we create, no matter what it is we’re creating in our lives), I would find myself feeling completely overwhelmed at the start of any new project, whether it was a personal project like sprucing up our home, or a business project.

I would start to map out all the little things that felt important but ultimately, were not.

Those little things might have been important, but they were the kinds of details which would have probably come to light later on during the creative process, and with much less effort.

But at the time, the little things felt huge… because they were a huge distraction.

Molehills became mountains, so that I felt like I was moving my projects forward.

This might have looked like thinking up a product name before I’d created it, or planning a launch before I’d planned the content.

It often looked like me worrying—a lot—for no real reason at all.

It was tiring and time-consuming. It meant the big picture things that would actually move my project—and my energy—forward were being stalled by little things that didn’t matter.

My worrying and overwhelm were halting my process and there was a tiny little knowing underneath of all this that grated against my procrastination.

It said You have bigger things to be working on, to be focusing on, to be creating. Let go of your procrastination, your perfectionism and your overwhelm. Just start! Make something! Go to where it feels the biggest and start there.

The ‘biggest’ is where we do our best work, but sometimes it can also be where we do our ‘best’ procrastination.

Where does it feel the ‘biggest’ in your life right now? What do you ultimately want to be doing, but you’re not (yet) because it feels too big?

Start there.

The little things will fall into place effortlessly and beautifully… but only if you’re brave enough to start where it feels big.



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