Ep 38. Stepping out of hustle mind mode

Join me for this episode where I share lots of ways to shift out of hustle mind mode from a thought/belief perspective and a body/energy perspective, including a simple NLP practice to help you really anchor into how you’d prefer to be feeling when you show up to work on and in your business.

Hustle mind mode is the state of never thinking you’re going fast enough, never thinking you’re doing enough, and thinking if you don’t do it ALL NOW, you won’t get to where you want to be.

See how it’s all about what’s going on in your mind? It’s head-based, steeped in scarcity and lack, and feels rushed and panicky.

(Hi! Been there! Done that! Still sometimes do!)

So… my solve for this?


Notice it’s happening. (Sometimes the hardest part.) Exhale. Create some loving differentiation between the hustle energy and your energy. Let yourself believe it’s possible that this isn’t the only way to show up and be in your biz, or the only way to create amazing results or get stuff done.


Send love to the part of yourself who’s rushing or hustling. They’re in deep desire mode. Deep desire mode often precedes deep hustle mind mode. The part of you who’s hustling knows what they want. How cool is that! They are here for it. This isn’t a problem! It’s just that there’s another way to show up that is lighter on your system, and is a more enjoyable and effective state to be in when growing and going after what you desire.


Take some deep breaths all the way down to your feet. Do some light tapping all over your body, massage your feet, wrap your arms around yourself, sing, dance, move, walk around the block, have a shower… anything to bring yourself back to your body. Out of hustle mind mode, and into body wisdom flow.


Already a pathway forward, a solution, or an answer will be closer to you… because you’ve stepped out of or away from the energy of I MUST FIX THIS IMMEDIATELY AND/OR GET IT DONE NOW OR IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. In this space that you’ve created, connect with your body again, and then your beautiful biz. Ask them what would they have you know and do? Tell your biz you are ready for the next step when the next step is ready for you.


Let your next step land, in good time. I promise, IT WILL. When you move out of a panicked state, honour the part who’s in deep desire mode, take a step back, and choose to connect with intention, knowing your next step is all you need… your next step will become clear. Not on YOUR time. But in good time.

So until then…

Have some fun.

Play a little more.

Choose to believe ‘this is working.’

You’re doing an amazing job.








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