A major pet peeve of mine

I have a major pet peeve with the coaching world .

And that is when coaches offer free trainings and masterclasses and then don’t offer the replay, and expect those who aren’t in a friendly time zone to wake up at 1am, 2am, 3am etc. to watch the real-time training.

The unsaid message here is:

If you don’t wake up at 1am to watch my free training, you obviously don’t want to watch it badly enough.

Which is gaslighting and SO GROSS.

The unsaid message is that their time and their training is more important than your sleep and your rest.

Which is SO GROSS.

For any free training or free masterclass I have ever held, I’ve ALWAYS offered a replay, because I do not expect you to wake up in the middle of the night to be in the room with me… unless you truly want to.

I do not expect you to cancel clients, meetings or appointments to be in the room with me… unless you truly want to.

I do not expect you to not take your kids to school, or to miss making dinner for yourself or your family, or to feel stressed about trying to make your schedule work, to be in the room with me.

There is magic in REAL-TIME and REPLAY when you’re in the room with me… no matter WHEN you’re in the room.

I do not feel threatened by sending out replays.

There are no fear-based scarcity thoughts or tactics here; I’m not worried you’re going to ‘steal’ slides or content. (Not that I even do slides.)

I’m not worried you’re going to send it around the internet like wildfire, because a) I trust you and b) if you did send it, does that mean I’ve gone viral? If so, cool beans.

I don’t feel resentful at the thought of you having lifetime access to a replay. How fucking cool to have access to free coaching, healing and training when you want it, how cool that I can offer this, and how awesome that I love offering it?

I don’t need you to race to your laptop, bleary eyed in the middle of the night to watch a masterclass with me (and then feel nauseas with fatigue the next day) when you could be watching it feeling fresh at a time that suits you and your life, with a hot coffee and sunshine streaming into your room.

If you want to catch any of my live trainings in real-time, I’m here for you, of course.

And if you can’t, I’m still here for you.

Of course.

You will always be able to catch the replay with me, whether it’s for 12hrs, 24hrs, or longer.

That’s my promise to you.  




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