Ep 37. Best fit vs. best friend clients

We so often get confused about what the concept of a best fit or soul mate client really means.

You can have both kinds of clients in your biz; clients you feel you connect with and can deeply serve IN session (best fit client) and clients you feel you connect with and can deeply serve IN AND OUT of session (best friend client).

A best fit client doesn’t necessarily mean you’d want to go for lunch together right after your session.

It might mean that.

And if it doesn’t mean that, you can still be an incredible team on a coaching, healing, therapeutic, and soul level.

A best friend/soul mate client might be one of the toughest clients you’ve ever worked with.

They might teach you more than you teach them.

They are as worth it as the best fit clients and the clients who come once and never come again.

You can see a client in their highest potential and hold them there with love even if you wouldn’t want to go for a green smoothie/wine with them.

This is true when you decide it.

And when you do, you expand the energy of your biz and ironically… you call in more (best fit/best friend/right for right now) clients.

Tune into this episode to learn the difference, and why you want both kinds of clients in your business.


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