When less is more

I once had a naturopathic mentor who infused the idea of simplicity into how I practiced.

I was a new naturopath and I felt I still had so much to learn. I wondered if I’d help my clients enough.

I would take cases to her, tell her my prescription and ask for her opinion.

9 times out of 10 she would respond with: ‘Just give them passionflower.’ (A beautifully calming herb.)

She wasn’t saying don’t help them more, later.

She wasn’t saying to not go deeper with what I knew.

She wasn’t suggesting I stop there.

She was saying: Start here.

Start with creating a calming, grounded base.

Start small and simply to make space for change and healing.

It became my mantra, which meant so much more than ‘just give them passionflower.’

It really meant: Start here, ground first…. because more can always come later.

Because from a calmer, more grounded base… so much more is possible.

When less is more, less becomes more than enough. 




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