Ep 53. A conversation with Helen Jacobs about books, babies, biz & all the things

I’m so excited to share this conversation with my dear friend, Helen Jacobs.

Helen is a psychic, mentor and author. She’s written three incredible books, created an oracle card deck that I’ve used more than any other over nearly a decade, and she offers readings, workshops, retreats, an online shop, and so much more.

A few years ago, the two of us used to meet up online every two weeks for chats about building our businesses, writing our books, and everything in between that was going on for us. Nothing was off topic or out of bounds, and it was such a safe, open and loving space for us both to share, support, see and be seen.

We paused these joy-filled, deeply supportive chats because of babies (namely, mine – I went on maternity leave with my daughter just a couple of weeks after our last proper meet-up) and we have missed our chats so much… so here’s our first official conversation and again, we cover so much in this conversation that it’s hard to summarise here.

Books, babies, business, from all angles; I promise, you’ll want to tune in and go from start to finish.

Listen in, let us know what you think and what your fave part is.

You’ll find Helen here on Instagram and here’s her website.


Show Notes:




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