Show Up & Vibe
 Build the skills to build your biz, no matter your mood
 Because you are enough
Your business is enough
And you don't need 'high vibes' for this to be true

I did a poll on Instagram asking 'Do you think you have to be 'high vibe' to sell?'

 Here’s how people responded:

14% of people said NO, they can sell from any vibe. (That included me, because I accidentally answered my own poll.)

29% of people said YES, they need 'high vibes'.

And an overwhelming 57% of people said “No but I prefer it.”

I totally get it, because there’ve been so many times in my biz when I felt like if I was feeling emotional, sad, deflated or [insert any emotion other than light, happy etc.] that I wouldn’t be able to access the parts of myself that would be able to effectively articulate how amazing my offer was, grow, expand or scale my business... or allow myself to receive my next client, idea or rush of flow and momentum.

I would often tell myself that I was the one blocking myself because I wasn't feeling good about myself. It would start a vicious cycle where I would almost punish myself with self-development and belief change work, thinking I must be doing something wrong... and why couldn't I just be better at building my business?

But I started to realise that I had so much evidence of the exact opposite; that I wasn't actually a problem to solve; that no matter my mood, I had amazing clients whom I loved showing up for; that I could make sales and money even on a 'bad' day.

Like, the time I was sobbing to my hubby about how stuck I felt in my biz... when a sale pinged on my phone; my highest paying 1:1 program purchased by a brand new client I'd never talked to. Paid in full.

Or the time I was in first trimester, pregnant with my first baby, feeling beside-myself nauseas, I yet walked into a room full of corporate marketing executives to pitch a workshop idea, and ended up booking 12 workshops (well, one workshop, delivered 12 times).... which was my highest-paying corporate gig to date.

I have bawled my eyes out while writing huge chunks of my three books… which are loved all around the world. 

I’ve showed up to my biz, made a ton of offers (and then made some more) and supported my amazing clients while... 

  • Premenstrual and feeling tetchy, irritated and a little ragey
  • Processing disappointment in life and biz
  • Overwhelmed by... everything
  • Sad (about biz results, relationship stuff, mum guilt, all the things)
  • Feeling a bit (or a lot) lost
  • Feeling like a fraud, an imposter and a fake
  • Feeling rushed and run down
  • While healing from friendship breakdowns
  • During bouts of anxiety and depression
  • Moving through massive uplevels that saw me questioning absolutely everything in my biz
  • After being up all night with my little ones
  • While having incredibly hard mum-days
  • Practically mid-argument with my husband
  • While finding my feet again after huge transitions (and not just the huge transition of coming back into my biz after a having a baby... twice!)
  • And more because... well, life. 

Am I saying that being congruent with your message is a useless dud of an idea?

Not at all... congruence is how we build our beautiful businesses.

But here’s the thing: all too often we think that congruence = high vibes. 

We think that the only way to show up, market, sell and support our clients is when we're in one "perfect" state of "aligned confidence" and anything other than "aligned confidence" must be a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad state to be in and clearly can't be conducive to showing up and selling.

We think being in a bad mood must obviously mean we're not congruent, worthy or aligned, or that our clients will think we're *gasp* also a human being who has shitty days sometimes... so then we obviously shouldn't show up until we feel happier.. right?!


I beg (BEG!) to differ.

I always say 'The work is the work' and selling no matter your mood brings this right into focus.

Feeling emotional? Be emotional in your marketing.

Feeling like an imposter? Show your people how to move into deeper confidence.

Feeling uncertain? Model moving through uncertainty with trust and grit.

Show your people that you are real, and they will be real with you too.

You can be congruent with your message, aligned with your deepest truth and open-hearted for your people… while also having a hormonal meltdown, an anxious day, feeling time-pressured with life and/or little ones, and feeling a little bit over the fact that the kitchen is so messy, again!

You know why?

Because serving your best-fit clients isn't reliant on perfectionism.

Because waiting for yourself to be 'high vibe' means you and your people are missing out on a whole lot of magic that is here, all the time.

Because your natural state is the only version of yourself you ever need to be.

Because before we are coaches, healers and therapists, we are humans.

And humans feel.

A lot.

(As in, we feel a lot of things, a lot of the time.)

This is where Show Up & Vibe comes in.

Because showing up and building your business, no matter your mood is a skill you can build, by building inner safety and self-awareness, and by anchoring deeply into the truth that you are enough, no matter how you’re feeling.

Join me for this 6 week program where I’ll coach and guide you through  skilling up in showing up, selling and serving your clients,  while also allowing yourself to be exactly who you are.... a human being, experiencing the spectrum of our human emotions (while building an outrageously beautiful business).

(No high vibes necessary. I mean, they're welcome! But not a prerequisite.)

Drop the ‘perfect rules’ that are adding to your mental load, and grow your business by being yourself.

AU$600 or 2 monthly payments of AU$315

Doors close at 8pm 16 Apr, AEST. We begin Thurs 20 April.

In our 6 weeks of deep belief, mindset and business coaching, you'll move towards and step into: 
How to sign clients without trying so hard
Uncovering where and how you're not valuing yourself in your biz, what this is doing and some powerful practices, processes and reframes to bring you back to a place of sufficiency and enoughness
How to stop trying to prove yourself through sales (and what this is doing to your business)

Knowing that nothing is broken or needing fixing if you’re not feeling high vibes in your biz (this changes so much!) 

Finding your own sense of safety, comfort and joy in your biz... states you can create and tap into, every day of the week  

How to honour and use all states of yourself in your business, knowing that bringing all of yourself to your biz is the magic your clients need

Knowing you don't need to force yourself into a specific mould, mood or energy to have an incredible business 

And of course, how to show up, sell, serve and support your clients, no matter your mood or vibe 

Throughout our time together, we'll be re-creating your self-concept and expanding your biz identity in weekly coaching and integration workshops, to help you grow your business by being only, and always, and more of yourself.

You are enough... to grow your business from exactly where it is today.

AU$600 or 2 monthly payments of AU$315

Doors close at 8pm 16 Apr, AEST. We begin Thurs 20 April.

In Show Up & Vibe you'll move from 'Am I doing this right?' to 'There's no way I can do this wrong'.
When you trust in your enoughness, you trust you're growing your business the right way for you.

You trust in the wisdom of all emotions and feeling states.

You get to expand in abundance and love, joy and integrity... because expansion can be fun, even in the presence of the fear of expansion.

You can feel expansion and fear at the same time. In fact, we are literally meant to feel fear at the thought of expanding, showing up differently (by being more of ourselves) and doing things we've never done before.

Let's normalise this for your nervous system and make your current level feel safer so your next level feels closer.

Proactively anchoring into your value and enoughness changes everything in your business.

And it takes practise. 

Conscious, intentional, proactive and loving practise.

Healing in this way grows your business, and growing your business from this state heals others.

So come and do this work with me...

I blend fire-cracker business coaching, next-level belief change work, energy-balancing kinesiology tools and state-shifting NLP practices to help you level up, skill up, and show up with less effort and more impact, energy and joy.

 Join me for this program if support with deepening, owning and claiming your value feels like an important next step in your biz growth.

You don't need to change who you are at your core, to change your business for the better.

AU$600 or 2 monthly payments of AU$315

Doors close at 8pm 16 Apr, AEST. We begin Thurs 20 April.

This is how we'll flow:

We'll meet weekly for 6 weeks, on Thursdays 1pm Sydney time (AEST) from Thurs 20 April. Sessions will flow for 60-90mins.

The first three weeks are spent moving through the core concepts that make up the Show Up & Vibe program.

The following three weeks are spent hot-seat coaching, integrating and applying the concepts and lessons.

1pm Thurs 20 Apr: The Key to Showing Up & Selling No Matter Your Mood

1pm Thurs 27 Apr: The Magic to Showing Up & Selling No Matter Your Mood

1pm Thurs 7 May: The Way to Show Up & Sell No Matter Your Mood

1pm Thurs 11 May: Coaching & Integration 

1pm Thurs 18 May: Coaching & Integration

1pm Thurs 25 May: Coaching & Integration

Replays will go up in our private portal. It's no problem if you can't make all the live calls - you'll retain lifetime access.

When are the calls and what happens if I can't make all the live calls? 
Our live calls are at 1pm Thursdays from 20 April - 25 May, AEST. Each call will flow for 60-90mins.

I also say there's magic in real-time and replay. It's no problem if you can't make all the live calls.

You can catch up in the private portal, and you'll maintain access to the workshops after our time together ends.

Is there a community space? 
Yep! There'll be a pop-up Facebook group open from when we begin, and for a few days after we finish up, closing on 31 May 2023.

If I have a question, do you reckon you'd have the answer?
I do! Email me here or find me on Insta and send me a DM.

See the thing is, I've been wanting to mastermind with you and/or work together 1:1... should I do this first?
This program is its own standalone piece of deep work that'll help you show up so much more effortlessly and with a lightness on your system, meaning you'll have more fun in your biz, become a client magnet and make more sales.

So you could do this by itself, 100%, and create incredible results in your biz.

AND if you do this workshop and decide you'd then love to work together in my mastermind or 1:1 program, you can use this program investment as credit towards one of my 6 month containers, within 30 days of purchase. (One time credit use, per person, only.)

Skill up in showing up, selling and serving... no matter your mood.

You don't need to show up 'shiny'... you just need to show up.

AU$600 or 2 monthly payments of AU$315

Doors close at 8pm 16 Apr, AEST. We begin Thurs 20 April. 

 Why coach with me? 

Because I'm a really good coach, no matter my mood. (Ha, see what I did there?!)

But truly... w
orking with me is a catalyst for real, deep and radical change in your business; in how you show up; in how deeply you believe in yourself; how highly you regard yourself; and in the ways your energy and emotions speak to your body, being and business (and vice versa), guiding you from where you are… to the growth you’re ready for.

If you’re ready to step into a portal to your biggest business vision, your deepest impact, and your most expansive self… you’re in the right place.

Please purchase mindfully (and heartfully) as I don't offer refunds for change of mind.

As my lawyer hubby has told me to say: nothing in this policy though, affects the rights you may have as a consumer under the Australian Consumer Law. For full sales terms and conditions, please click here.