How do you know if you’re worthy?

You know those days where you wake up and something doesn’t feel quite right?

Those days you wonder if you have enough, if you are enough, if you’re doing enough, if you’re on the right track?

Have you had one of those days lately? Where you feel as if you’ve been on a beautiful roll with life, and most of the time you’re feeling pretty cruisy and happy with where you are right now, because you sense the bigger picture for yourself, when BAM, out of nowhere comes this heavy deep dragging sense, a whisper of… you’re not enough.

I had one of those days recently. I have been on such a beautiful roll with life lately, and most of the time, I am very comfortable being ok and happy with where I am now, because I sense a bigger picture for myself. Things are working for me. The Universe is listening. I’m feeling miracles shifting, coming, coming so soon…

My vision – expanding. I can feel the stars realigning in my favour. And it feels so amazing, because I’ve been working so hard for it, not just in the sense of ‘working’ the hours but also in clearing, balancing, shifting, realigning, de-cluttering and cleansing myself and my energy to make space for the miracles which are brewing in the stars. I can feel the shift coming soon and I welcome it. Open arms. A big heart. A wide grin splits my face. My heart feels open to what’s coming, and I’m so ready.

And then…

One of those days…

“Not enough”

“Do more”

“Be more”

“Quickly, before you miss out… before you fall behind… before someone notices…”


Except I know deep down, that I am, you are, we all are… enough.

The truth is…

You are worthy. You are enough.

Whether or not you have ‘proof’ of this or not. That’s not what counts. What counts is finding it within yourself to know you are worthy. 

‘Of what?” You ask. Good question miss.


You are worthy of…

Acceptance, love, patience, wisdom, freedom…

You are worthy of abundance, worthy of feeling worthy, worthy of success, of prosperity, and of knowing your inner strength and power.

How can you tap into this fountain of worthiness which resides inside you?

You can find your source of worthiness in your yoga practice. In play dates with puppies. In the ocean, in the surf. In mornings of doing nothing but walking along the coastline with music in your ears and $5 in your pocket for a post-walk coffee. You can find it in being bold. In finding your courage. In believing in miracles. In loving yourself, and your loves. In saying yes. In saying no. In moving your body when you need movement. In staying still when you need stillness. In being imperfect and being very excellent at it.

You can find your source of worthiness by listening to your intuition. Maybe she whispers it to you in a meditation. Maybe she screams it at you while you’re giggling with girlfriends on a weekend away in a white beach house overlooking the ocean with a glass of red wine in one hand and a chatter of girly stories flowing from your mouth. (There’s possibly also some chocolate in this story, lets be real.)

Maybe you find your source of worthiness in a crisp white journal. Moleskin. kikki.K. Whatevs. It’s an open book; write your story in it.

Maybe you find your source of worthiness when you travel. When you visit a new country and can look back over your life and say “Hey, I have it pretty good…” Maybe it’s when you’re walking through a new city with new friends, eating new food and laughing in a new language.


Wherever your source of worthiness lies, infuse it into your life in every way you can.

And if you’re not sure how? I’d love to work with you and help you see. Kinesiology can help you clear and organise your energy so you’re aligned and open to receiving your inner source of worthiness, so you can see the value you bring, and your unique beauty and worth. It clears self-sabotage. It shows you you’re enough. It helps you feel more powerful, and tap into and respect your inner strength.


Where do you find your source of wisdom?

How can you tap into it and increase your sense of worth? 

How can you remind yourself you are utterly worthy?




I’m Cassie Mendoza-Jones

My work is for you if you’re ready to change your beliefs about what’s possible for you.

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