Everything evolves, including your evolution

If you ever thought you needed to have all the content ready for a program before you sell/launch it… 

… here’s proof that you don’t, and that allowing space to create as you go continually meets your beloved clients where they are.  

As we near the midway point of the Aligned & Unstoppable Mastermind, I am continually adding resources and creating pieces of content as we go.  

There is structure and flow, and the structure flows beautifully.  

Each month, what we need for the month drops in for me (because I trust it will), and I create it without effort or working harder, adding it to our curriculum, our coaching, and our flow. 

I have no stress around this, and zero mind drama.  

I see it as next-level support, in the moment.  

But years ago, this would have stressed me out way too much. 

I thought everything had to be READY IMMEDIATELY before selling a program, or no-one would buy. I stressed out that I wouldn’t complete the content/coaching info in time for delivery. I thought I needed a lot of time to get everything ‘right’. 

Now, things are different… and I wouldn’t change how I did anything in the past. 

Everything evolves, including your evolution.  

I love how I’ve created everything I’ve created, even the times I was stuck in comparison, perfectionism and overwhelm.   

I did it all in the way I wanted/needed to then. It taught me loads. Then, paved the way for now.  

Now I do in the way I want/need to, having done it differently before.  

It was perfect then.  

It is perfect now.  

If you trusted that how you do things now is exactly how your clients need it now, what would you do?  

How would you do it? 

What would you believe about yourself?  

And most importantly, what would deeper belief call in for you? 

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