Should you fake it till you make it?

What does it mean to fake it til you make it?

I’m sure you’ve been told to do this before. It’s often said when you’re needing a little nudge, a loving push off what feels like a cliff but might actually be the sidewalk. 

I think we can use the energy of this phrase well when we see it as an underlying belief that you know you’ll make it. You know you’re skilling up. You know you’re on your way. You trust things are working. You know you’re getting better at your craft. You know you’re honing your voice. You’re allowing yourself to feel any discomfort at where you are while you work towards what’s next. 

It can be a problem though, if you use ‘fake it til you make it’ to mean you’re resisting the resistance, not processing your discomfort, not feeling what is moving through your body (or on that note, not even allowing your body to feel what’s going on for you), and judging, criticising and berating yourself for being where you are.

When you ‘fake it til you make it’ with an energy of trust, you’re giving yourself permission to sit in the paradox of not feeling ready yet and knowing you don’t need to be perfect to be ready.

You’re letting yourself catch up with yourself. You’re connecting with your future self who’s like ‘Yep! Over this way! That’s it, this is how you do it.’

When you ‘fake it til you make it’ with an energy of fear or resistance, you’re not loving who you are right now.

You’re resisting knowing yourself more deeply. You may even be making it a problem that you aren’t somewhere else yet, when really, nothing is wrong. You’re making it a problem that you don’t feel ready, instead of choosing readiness in the moment.

If you trust that your success is inevitable and also happening/available to you right now, and you know you’re skilling up while showing up now, then faking it til you make it is simply another way of saying ‘I am not perfect and I am ready, showing up now.’ 

It’s not actually being fake, or fearless for that matter. 

It’s readiness instead of perfection. 

It’s awareness instead of suppressing emotions. 

It’s slowly stretching your nervous system’s capacity for more.

If you’re simply faking it, you’re not feeling it; and by ‘it’ I mean whatever you are resisting that will actually support your growth, momentum and deeper power. 

You will know the difference.

Your clients will feel the difference. 

Your business will reflect the difference.                                                                                                                                                                                                
When you think having doubts and fears means you’re not good enough, you might always think you’re faking it. You may always show up with a contracted, constricted, constrained energy.

When you know having doubts and fears doesn’t need to get in the way of how much you love and value yourself, and you lovingly process these feelings, you get to show up more powerfully.

You make space for yourself.

You show up with love, power and magic. 

You will know the difference.

Your clients will feel the difference. 

Your business will reflect the difference.

And you’ll know, more than before, that you are ready now. 



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