Real rest is a requirement

When you work from your natural state, you are required to slow down and rest 

It doesn’t need to feel amazing.  

In fact, I can think of many, many times that slowing down and resting didn’t feel that great.  

But ‘not great’ is a thought you’re having.  

Your body is likely experiencing it differently.  

Your body is likely relishing the nourishment, the space, the pause.  

Your mind requires this too, even if doubts, fears, insecurities and worries try to crowd the space you’re making. 

You require this for accessing your highest power and your most rooted, grounded growth. 

You’ll get better and better at processing the discomfort that arises when you rest.  

You’ll get better and better at seeing the correlation between your rest, and your growth. 

 You’ll get better and better at knowing when this rest, this pause, is deeply needed.  

And when I talk about rest, I’m not talking about manicures and bubble baths. (These are lovely though.) 

I’m talking about the deep exhale, the true pause, the fallow space in between, the not rushing, the not filling every gap, the willingness to feel uncomfortable in the ‘being’ and not the ‘doing’.  

Real, sustainable growth requires real, sustainable rest.  

And this is a requirement; in fact, it’s a prerequisite for what’s next.  

So let it be whatever it needs to be—uncomfortable or comfortable, easy or hard, glidey or sticky (and in fact, it can be both and all of these at once)—and honour what comes up and through, as you honour all parts of you 



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