You are not trapped… and you never were

When people ask me what my new book, It’s All Good, is about, the first thing I say is:

Oh it’s about surrendering to where you are, picking yourself up again after a failure or after you’ve been through challenging times, integrating the lessons learnt, recalibrating your energy, and moving ahead with a new perspective, and a deeper sense of trust in yourself and the universe.⠀

And it’s definitely about all of those things.

But it’s also about all of the things that sit in the spaces in between those things; the fear that things will never change, the fear that if you’re feeling trapped, you won’t be able to find your way out, the deep fear that you’ve lost your path (and that maybe you weren’t ever on the right path to begin with), and that in doing so… you’ve also lost yourself.

The reason I could write about all of those things, and the reason I am about to teach this at my It’s All Good book tour workshops, is because I went through all of those things, and because I know you’ve been through them too.

What I learnt again recently though, is that just because we’ve been through this once doesn’t mean we’ll never go through it again.

It means we will create more resilience and have more awareness, and tools, to lean on for when we do go through it again.

It may be in a different form, and we’ll be learning different lessons, but surrendering to where we are and trusting the bigger plan isn’t something we just do once, and then never again.

Gosh, how easy would that be?

The point of my book, the point of my book tour, is to help you release/lighten/clear away the heaviness of the load that you carry when things don’t feel like they’re flowing beautifully for you.

It’s not about increasing your desire for perfection—it’s about being okay to weather the highs and lows of life because you allow yourself to trust that there’s a bigger picture.

And because you know you’re strong enough to let it become clear to you

Then from this space, you can take action, and realise that you are not trapped… and you never were.





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