Who you’re becoming in your biz

When I look back at my comparison journey in my business, I can pretty much pinpoint the moment that first jab of comparison pierced my body.

(And it does feel like that sometimes, doesn’t it? A piercing? A jab? A hurting of your heart?).

I can remember where I was sitting, what the air felt like around me, and the state of my desk; that is how clearly and strongly my body remembered the moment my mind took over and said “You are not enough. See? Here’s proof.”

I went on such a journey with comparison, as you’ll know if you’ve read You Are Enough. (Which I am, by the way, as are you, always and forever.)

And what I’ve come to realise more deeply and more profoundly than ever before is that comparison is not simply showing us what’s possible for ourselves… it’s guiding us towards our own becoming. 

The becoming of who you want to be.

The becoming of what you want to create.

The becoming of what you want to experience.

The becoming of what you want to receive.

The becoming of what you want to hold.

The becoming of who you want to see yourself as.

When you take steps to move into your Becoming, you become the version of yourself who matches the frequency of the you you need to be, to create and receive what you feel so called to.

Now, if ever my mind tries to slip in a comparison-fuelled criticism, I respond (as often as is humanly possible with) this:

‘Ah, so this is what’s being expressed as the next frequency I must embody, to become more of who I really am. My next Becoming is becoming clear. Thank you’ 

Your becoming is made clear in comparison.

It’s not just a glimpse into what you feel and believe is possible for you…

… it’s a magnet, drawing you to what the next stage of your Becoming really is.

The version of yourself who you tap into when you feel so far away from what you want, or from what you see for yourself… that’s the version you’re being asked to become.

Who would you have to be, to be that person? To create those results, to meet that milestone, to receive that fully in your body and business? How would you think, act and behave if you were already doing the thing you want to be doing? How would you feel in your body, and what would you be believing about yourself?

And then how can you start… today?

Answer those questions.

That’s your Becoming.

And this, this is what we do in the Aligned & Unstoppable Mastermind.

You becoming your next level self, with the deepest love and honouring of who you are right now.

Because all of you includes the you who’s where you want to be, too.

Join me here.




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