For the biz mamas on maternity leave

I had a lot of fear about taking a step back from my business before I had my daughter back in early 2019

I wondered how I would maintain any kind of presence; I was worried about going into debt because my business would still be incurring monthly expenses; and I was scared about how I would manage stepping back into work and navigating motherhood at the same time.

I didn’t want to lose momentum, and I wondered if people would forget about me and just never want to work with me again.

What I experienced though, was healing in and of itself.

No one forgot about me. (Dear ego, calm down.)

Money still came in, and my business seemed to not need me for a while.

She was okay, and so was I.

And so going on leave for my second baby felt easier in so many ways.

Of course, now I have new waters to navigate. Looking ahead, and having deep trust and faith in how I will thrive in my business as a mum of two sweet little people is a whole new ballgame that I am yet to master. But I have more faith than fear, and that’s a great place for begin.

Here’s what I’d tell myself during my first maternity leave, now that I’ve seen the other side.

So for any biz mamas on maternity leave (or about to take maternity leave, or thinking about their future plans), this is for you too.

  • You will never, ever regret taking this time. It is one of the most beautiful times in your life, and even though your mind wants to tell you that your business can’t wait, your body will remind you that it absolutely can.
  • Once you start working again, you never go back to that time… The sweet, milky, slow days of baby land. So don’t rush back into it if you can help it. Don’t look at your phone more than you gaze at your beautiful baby. Your biz is not as urgent as your mind will have you think it is. You have time.
  • Your business will look different after your baby, and even though people say that and you can’t imagine it, it’s true, and it will be for the better, and you will thrive.
  • Even though you will likely have a lot less time to work on and in your business after your baby, don’t let that scare you. You’ll still create beautiful things, and make beautiful things, and work with incredible clients and people you haven’t even met yet. In so many ways, this is just another beginning for you, without you having to actually start from scratch.
  • No one is forgetting you. There is still space for you. There is always space for you.
  • Your baby will bring with them a whole new world of abundance, opportunities, and possibility. They have chosen you, at this time, for a reason, and they are here to make your life better. Your business will be better for them too.
  • Your baby will always know if you’ve planned to do something during their nap, and they’ll wake up before you finish it. (Ha!)


I hope this helps ease any nervousness you might be feeling.

You will navigate this with grace, and you will be amazing.

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