The perfect business doesn’t exist

The perfect business doesn’t exist

How do I define ‘the perfect business’?

It’s basically the one you’ve made up in your head. 

It’s the one everyone else seems to have. 

The one where everything goes smoothly, all the time. Where there’s no stress or mind drama. No comparison or confusion.

No processing needed for the fears, worries and doubts that inevitably arise when you show up and do the work to heal, rise and expand; to do something you’ve never done before; and to create incredible results with more integrity, grit and grace than ever before.

(Because you never have fears, worries or doubts, right?)

Ha! *Feels a little bit sick*

I told ya: the perfect business doesn’t exist. 

But I bet, somewhere deep within, you think it does…

Idealising the perfect business you’ll have ‘one day’, looks like daydreaming about: 

  • Clients booking in all the time, whenever you want, without you ever having to work on your own beliefs about yourself (because when your clients book in, they make you feel better about yourself, so you just need more clients, right?) 
  • Everything looking and being perfect, all of the time (meaning nothing ever goes ‘wrong’ and you just grow on this perfect linear path to success!) 
  • Never feeling doubtful, overwhelmed, confused or burnt out (because everything is always perfect, remember?)
  • Always knowing exactly what to say in every instance on social media, in love notes to your clients, on coaching calls, podcast interviews etc. because you never make a mistake, ever, and you always know everything, all the time
  • Always making the exact amount of money you want, immediately (well actually, yesterday) 

Guess what?

This is all possible. But it doesn’t look like the above. 

Instead, when you shift from seeking ‘perfection’ to sitting in ‘sufficiency’, it looks like this: 

  • Clients booking in ‘out of the blue’… because you trust yourself and your value, your offer and your coaching so deeply, even on a stressy, low mood-y, anxiety-ish day (not feeling amazing today? Great! You can still sign an amazing client! High vibes, schmigh vibes) 
  • Nothing looking and being perfect all of the time… and you being thrilled about this (because you don’t need to be perfect to be congruent with what you’re creating in your biz, and because success is cyclical; we spiral upwards, not on some straightforward path that um, also doesn’t exist)
  • Sometimes feeling doubtful, overwhelmed, confused or burnt out, because you’re a human before you’re a coach, healer or therapist, and because you don’t shy away from your humanity in your business (even a great chef who burns their food is still a great chef)
  • Not always knowing exactly what to say in every instance on social media, in love notes to your clients, on coaching calls, podcast interviews etc. and going with the flow anyway, because you trust yourself and your voice, and you lean into expanding your capacity to take up more space, imperfectly, every day (unless you’re resting and taking a break, because consistency is for those who only believe in the linear path to success… which we already know doesn’t exist in the way we do business
  • Always knowing you’re becoming a greater and greater steward for greater and greater amounts of money to flow through you, leaning into sufficiency and enoughness today, and trusting that what you’re making now is enough, and also… more is coming

The perfect business doesn’t exist.

But yours does.

And in all its imperfections, it’s so very perfect for you.

If you wait for perfection (either from your business, or yourself), you may never share the gifts you’re here to share, help the people you’re here to help, or make the difference only you can make. 

So please, don’t wait for perfection. 

You might literally wait your entire life… and still not find it.

You have to create what you want. And it won’t be perfect, and that won’t even matter, because ‘perfect’ will no longer be the yardstick by which you measure your success. 

You’ll measure it by the change you help create for the incredible humans you work with; the joy you experience when you sit down at your desk; the lightness on your system when you make more money to support yourself, your family and the world around you; the healing you experience to show up more fully, more expressed, and more congruent; and in all the (big and) little spaces in between.

Create miracles, momentum and magic in your business today. 

This is not only possible for you, it’s calling your name. 

Apply for the September intake of the Aligned & Unstoppable Mastermind and let’s do this work together to expand your beautiful biz, infused with more you-ness, more sufficiency, and more joy than ever before.





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