When you’re in a space in between…

I’m writing to you from my holiday in Greece

Sometimes when I go on holiday, my brain starts buzzing with a million ideas, often as soon as I get to my destination. But this trip has been different; my brain is on holiday as much as my body is. It’s been brilliant. I’ve had moments of worry, as I’m prone to have (create?!) because I know there’s so much for me to create and do in this next six months of the year, and a tiny part of me wants to know what it all is… now!

And yet there’s still so much of that work, information, guidance and vision that is yet to come through.

As in, there is more to ‘be’ and receive, first. As in, I can’t see the full picture yet. I see and feel fragments of it, but I don’t have all the details yet, and that’s okay.

I don’t know my ‘full plan’ for the next six months, and that’s okay.

I have bits and pieces of the plan, intuitive hits of what’s coming through to be created or released, soft little swirls of this bigger vision I keep wanting to draw in closer and closer.

However… I keep getting the message from my guidance that I don’t need the details yet… I need the holiday more!

I keep getting the message that I must allow myself to rest deeply on this trip, because of all I’ve done in the past six months, and because of all that’s to come.

And so I clear the thoughts by remembering that I am here, exactly where I need to be, that the information I need will drop in when the time is right, and that I can ‘do the work’ later… that right now, is not that time.*

*insert joke about it being time for haloumi/pasta/gelato/swimming/reading/relaxing*

I am currently in what feels like a  s p a c e  i n  b e t w e e n. I am in a space where the pull of the future feels alluring, but the presence of right now is stronger.

I am in a space where I don’t have all the answers, or my ‘plan’ written out. I feel like I am about to emerge into a crystal clear vision but from where I stand now, looking out, it’s still a little foggy. And this? This is okay.

If you’re looking out and you see fog, trust it’ll pass. What I’m learning, time and time again, is that the fog we see doesn’t mean the answers we seek aren’t behind it.

If anything, the fog you perceive is proof the answers lie beyond your reach, your vision, your grasp.

Just like how the curtains draw back to show you the play at the theatre only when the actors are in their place, so too will this fog part/lift/dissipate and the answers you seek (or something better) will show themselves to you, but only when the time is right.




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