On stage in front of 400 people

I stood on stage at the Hay House Writer’s Workshop and spoke to an audience of 400+ people about my writing and publishing journey so far

For the entire day, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. My cheeks were actually hurting! (What a good pain though, right?)

Meeting (and hugging!) so many beautiful people, signing my book (which sold out, thank you!) was dreamy. Absolutely dreamy.

I’ve been daydreaming about speaking at this workshop since before I found out I’d won my book deal (envisioning myself on stage was how I calmed my mind down when I was about to find out if I’d won or not!) and so the fact that I’ve now done it is surreal and wonderful.

Needless to say, I was buzzing for the entire day!

If you’d told me, back in 2014 before I’d won my book deal, that I’d be standing on stage, speaking to people about writing, finding and using your voice, and building your business through your words, I’d have hung onto your every word, because it’s what I could feel for myself in my future.

But to get here, I had to write, I had to feel confident using my voice, I had to decide to rise and put myself – and my work – out there.

I had to start backing myself more than I’d ever backed myself.

I had to start speaking up about what I do.

I had to truly, deeply and fully align to building my own beautiful business (and stop worrying about what everyone else was doing).

I had to value myself, my work, and my business.

I had to love what I create, first. Before anyone else, I had to love my work.

And I want to help you love what you create too.


That’s why I created my Love What You Create Workshop

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use writing as a tool to build your business, tune into your creativity and honour your muse, release creative fears, comparison and perfectionism… and truly begin to love what you create.

Learn more about the workshop here. You can enrol at any time, and go through the content at your own pace.


I can’t wait to help you love what you create.





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