Make the move from 1:1 to group coaching (or make it a bigger part of your biz) in a way that feels amazing to you, helps you create more income and impact in fewer hours per week and importantly... deeply supports your clients.
I came back to work in early 2022 after having my second baby, and I had less time than ever to make the same amount of money (if not more!) than before. 


 As the months crept closer and closer to when my little boy would turn 6 months old and I was to return to work, I found myself becoming more and more stressed.

I remember sitting on the couch with him asleep in my arms, relishing in the moment as much as I could… while also feeling so far away; zooming into the new year and trying to map out how I’d make money in my biz when I had only two mornings a week to work, and some naps.

I’d run lots of group coaching programs before—my first business coaching program launched in 2015, I’d run a workshop tour for my beloved business and writing program in 2016/2017, and my first business alignment coaching mastermind ran in 2018—so group coaching wasn’t new to me… but now, it had to be extra light on my system, it had to work within a shorter timeframe, it had to feel amazing for me and my clients, and I had to get it all going, with a very small amount of free time.

To cut a (not-that-long, really) story short: I did all that, and more.

In the first six weeks of coming back to work in 2022, I’d sold over $42k of coaching (a combo of mastermind + 1:1 clients, cash collected and payment plans)… 

… while working in my biz 6hrs a week and on my biz during some naps and for an hour or two a couple of nights a week. 


15 months after coming back to work, I’ve brought in 6 figures again, with a high profit margin, and earning way more per hour than ever before. 

(I’m making about the same income now as I did before having kids, but working way less. I used to work 5 days a week; now I work in my biz 2 days a week plus some naps.)     

Whether you’re also coming back to your biz after maternity leave, returning to your biz after a big break or life transition, or you're just ready to start doing more group coaching work... if you’re wanting to start scaling your business in a simple, loving, client-focused way that also creates more time for you (to be with your family, grow your business, write and create more, or…  do more in your life, like be in the garden), you’ll want to join me for this workshop. 

I’ll workshop with you in an intimate group to help you:

  • Map out a path to increase your income and impact in your current work hours or less

  • Get clear on the details, structure, format and intention of the program you’re creating or expanding, so that showing up to teach it and coach in it is one of the best parts of your week

  • Choose the pricing that’ll be easiest on your nervous system and most supportive to your business and life 

  • Plan some strategy and marketing options that don’t feel like something you ‘have to do’ but rather, feel like an extension of your work, and a fun way to invite your clients into your group coaching program

  • Do the necessary thought work and energy balancing so that you can move through the inevitable resistance that comes up any time we do some thing new/bigger like… add in group coaching or move away from 1:1 coaching (so many thoughts can come up here! I know!!!! Let’s smooth them out)

And then I'll coach you through any sticky parts that come up for you, both during the half-day workshop and in a secondary follow-up coaching call (that we’ll all meet up for, a couple of weeks after the initial workshop).

I’ll also take you through the absolute most important beliefs I worked with to help me take my income from $0 up to $6-$16k months.

(See how it varies month to month? This is normal for entrepreneurship—let’s normalise it for our nervous systems too.)

 This workshop is perfect for you if you’re a coach, healer or consultant who’s had experience working with clients in a 1:1 setting and you’re ready to expand your capacity to serve your clients, by moving into group coaching or an online program.

During the workshop, we’ll work out the specific format that suits your biz, and I’ll be explaining all the options you have for the structure of your program to help you make a decision that feels right for you.

Also: You don’t need to drop your private clients to expand into group work—this workshop is about adding group coaching into your business, but nowhere will I tell you to drop what is working for you.

If you’ve never worked with 1:1 clients before… this workshop might not be the best fit for you, but you’re welcome to get in touch with me and we can have a chat and see if it’ll be a good fit.  

 Workshop with me to start to scale your biz 

This’ll mean more you for your clients, not less. I promise!

Let me show you how. 

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