Keep showing up

Do you know that sometimes clients buy coaching/programs from me years after they found me?

Like two years later.

Or three years later.

Or sometimes even five years later.

But if I had stopped showing up if I didn’t make a sale immediately after posting on social media, or sending an email, or finishing my sales (invitation!) page and telling people about it, then they would never have become paying clients.

There’s nothing wrong in your business if clients take months or years to buy from you.

In fact, it’s the exact opposite.

It’s proof you’re here to serve, coach, and heal for the long-term.

It’s proof they’re resonating with what you’re releasing into the world.

It’s proof you’re onto a good thing.

(But you already knew that, because of how your heart feels when you’re doing your work, even if you’re having a bad day.)

If you don’t make the sale now, there’s nothing wrong.

If you don’t freak out with urgency, because you’re sitting in the seat of your power and calm while you create your work and share it with the world, your clients will be there for each and every time you offer them a place to work with you.

And one day, they’ll take you up on it.

One day, they’ll be ready.



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