There’s no need to rush

Late last week, my brain started buzzing


I woke up on Thursday morning, and felt as if I had too many ideas to get down on paper, too many to start implementing, too many to work out where to start!

As soon as I realised I really wasn’t being productive, I packed up my laptop and a notebook, grabbed a coffee and went to the library (my new second office), complete with free wifi, a ‘quiet’ room (seriously, no one even coughs in there), huge screens that silently play the Olympics and lots of new office strangers buddies and fellow library goers. I love it!

Well, now I can see why my brain buzzing was so much, even though at the time it felt like too much to process (oh hindsight, you’re a darling).

Since Thursday morning… a download of information has landed in my heart and mind, and I can see so clearly what I’m working on (and working towards) over the next 6-9 months; business, writing and creativity based. Also, life!

You might know by now that when I come across an idea that feels right, I take action on it immediately (I don’t procrastinate) so I’ve already started on a couple of these plans and I can’t wait to reveal more when the time is right. Right now what I can definitely say is: I’m so excited!

The timing of this fresh new rush of clarity and ideas, of plans and dreams, feels so right.

But a week ago, the same ideas wouldn’t have felt right. And two weeks ago, they definitely wouldn’t have felt right. And a month ago… well, you get my point.

The timing has to be right for things to feel right. Sometimes, if something feels off, it’s not that you’re doing the wrong thing, it could simply be you’re not doing it at the best time.

There is no need to rush, even if it feels as though you want to get from A to Z. There is no need to force things to happen in your life because in doing so, you miss all the necessary steps that help you get from A to B, from B to C, and so on, until you reach this lovely place that you’ve been working towards for a while.

Then, when you get there, you realise there is such thing as ‘arriving’ — you’ll probably always want to keep progressing, growing and succeeding. This is wonderful, so just own it. But celebrate all of your successes as they happen — and please, do not feel the need to rush them. Please do not feel the need to force them to happen sooner than they need to happen, sooner than they can happen.

I’m all for ‘starting before you’re ready’ but that’s about courage, and rushing things is about timing.

There is a subtle difference here; you can leap before you’re ready, but you can’t force the timing of your life. Do you see the difference? Can you feel it? The former (the leaping) feels expansive, while also a little terrifying sometimes. The latter (the rushing) feels crushing – you don’t feel ready to leap, simply because the timing isn’t right.

So with my ideas, some of them were ideas I’d had months before but they didn’t feel right, not because I was scared of the leap, but because the timing wasn’t right. The difference isn’t that I’m more ready for them now — the difference is in the timing. And in my committment to trust the timing of my life (even though, oh my goshness, sometimes I want to go faster!).

I also trust that if these ideas change form or lose their meaning then that’ll be okay too. I’m all about taking action, being committed to what I’m working on and setting intentions… without expectations and rigidity and force.

When I was writing my book, You Are Enough, I wanted to include a lot of very practical tips to help you clear comparison, release overwhelm, and start feeling more confident and worthy, exactly as you are.

One of these such tools is calming and empowering guided meditation. (If you’ve already read my book, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about, and you may have already downloaded it!)

When my brain is buzzing and the thoughts and ideas are swirling, when I want to go faster than I can, one of the best things I can do for myself is listen to a guided meditation, and so, I wanted to gift you this meditation in case you’re needing some more clarity, rest and relaxation, and a little reminder that you are enough and… you are doing enough!

You can download the free ‘You Are Enough’ meditation here.



I hope you enjoy, and I’m so excited to share more of my plans with you soon.

Until then… trust the timing of your life. You’re going at the right pace. You cannot force a puzzle together, so trust that the pieces will fall into place when the time is right (and not one minute sooner).

If you’d love to feel even more confident about the direction of your business, download my free workbook to help you get clarity on where you’re going, and invite in more ease, joy and flow.




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