The almond theory

The Almond Theory and how it relates to business…  

In my late teens and early twenties, I saw a few dietitians and was repeatedly told exactly how many almonds I was ‘allowed’ to eat as a serve.


8 fucking almonds.

Which made me want to eat precisely ZERO almonds or 18374062856204652 almonds.

Now, I eat as many almonds (any nuts, really) as I like.

Because I trust my body, and I trust myself.

I can eat the almonds and I can stop eating the almonds. 

This Almond Theory (that I made up when I was eating some nuts) is mirrored in biz when we’re told by people (but who?!) how many emails to send or how many times to post on social media, not to mention when to post to make the algorithm approve of and choose us… among other ways we ‘should’ show up.

Which can either make you want to show up ZERO times more than you are right now… or show up 9164927261056429 times more, because you’re worried about what will happen if you don’t. 

So… Almond Theory it.

Send as many emails (or as few) as you want.

Post as many times on social media as you want… whenever you want… and tell the algorithm it can bother someone else with its nit picky nonsense. Byeeeeee.

You can Almond Theory almost anything in your biz, when you trust yourself, and you trust your biz.

(And also when you’re on the way to more trust… because by listening to yourself and the energy of your biz, you garner more trust in yourself and the energy of your biz… which makes you trust your decisions even more.) 





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