You’re still a coach on an ‘off’ day

A chef who undercooks your steak is still a chef 

A hairdresser who doesn’t give you the exact colour you want is still a hairdresser. 

An architect who makes a mistake with their measurements is still an architect. 

A waiter who forgets your latte is still a waiter. (Your latte is definitely still coming!) 

On that note, a barista who randomly doesn’t make you the best coffee is still a barista. 

I could go on but you get it.  

And you?  

If you’re having an off day, a shitty day, a sad day, an emotional day, or a day that seems filled with doubt, uncertainty, confusion, lack and overwhelm… you’re still a coach/healer/creative/amazing human. 

Don’t let being human and living a human existence get in the way of cultivating your gifts and sharing them with the world. 

Because actually, leaning into, honouring, and loving all parts of yourself and your experience supports every aspect of you leveling up in your business and life.  

You can sign clients on a ‘bad’ day. 

You can write sections of your book when you’re sad. 

You can call in and receive tons of money if you’re overwhelmed. 

You can create, magnetise and receive miracles and also get a parking ticket the next minute.  

Your business, your clients, your future self, needs all of you to show up.  

The world needs all of you to show up. 

Not just the shiny parts. 

Not just the glossy parts. 

Not just the ‘perfect’ parts. 

All parts. 

All of you.  

Exactly as you are, which is already and always whole, worthy, enough, and awesome.  



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