My mastermind isn’t like other masterminds…

Erm. Actually. Nope.

I’m not going to answer that.


Because it contributes to comparison culture… which is something I actively work on within myself and with my clients to lovingly process and step back from.

My mastermind is *different* to others because *I* am different to other coaches…

… simply because I, am me.

* Insert Ken saying ‘Ken is me?’ *

I never try to be different.

I don’t need to try, when I just AM.

I would much rather invest that ‘trying’ energy into being all of, and more of, myself.

(Which ironically makes you different, but it’s because you’re being yourself. Get it?)

Comparison culture dictates you compare yourself to others to find out why you’re so unique.

It doesn’t make sense to me.

It makes my body feel constricted and contracted.

Don’t answer the question: How is my program different to others?

Ask yourself:

How is my program a direct reflection of my skills and gifts, and of how I desire to show up in a way that honours my current season and capacity now?

How can I add more of my own essence to it?

How is it true that I am meant to facilitate this program, in this way?

How is it true that I am the best facilitator of this work in this way for my best-fit clients?

Answer those questions and you’ll never care to answer the prompt of how your work compares to is different to someone else’s.

It. Just. Is.



P.S. Come and do this work with me in my mastermind.

It’s healing and expanding and grounding and will help you stop the comparisons that eat away at your time, energy and confidence.

Magic awaits. Momentum abounds. More joy and flow? This is where it’s found.

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