How my day changed in 10 breaths

I sat down at my desk with the intention of writing a note to you

It was the first ‘proper’ day of work for me, after returning from my holiday, and I was so keen to get in touch and say a big, proper hello to you. I also had big plans for all the work I wanted to get through, and the things I wanted to tick off my to do list.

But, nothing came through, and not much got done.

Okay, a little bit came through, but my thoughts were jumbled and I didn’t really know what I was writing to you.

This happens sometimes, as a writer. You sit down and you want to write; you know you have things to say, but nothing (good) comes out.

Mostly, I move through this by simply writing. I write through the rocky parts, and it comes out smooth on the other side. I write through the confusion, and the clarity becomes, um, clear.

But this morning, my brain wasn’t having it.

So, I left it.

I penned a little note on Instagram instead, I saw some friends who are visiting from NYC, I made lunch, and watched a few minutes of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (gosh, I love Chris Pratt), and then, when I realised my focus was also in some far off galaxy, I packed up my stuff, and went for a swim in the ocean.

While I was swimming, my ego jumped into the water after me. She swam up behind me and said annoying things like:

… What if you’ve lost your mojo? 

… What if you just can’t really write anymore?

… What if you never get a good idea ever again?

I swam away, quickly.


After my swim, I sat on the rocks and asked my Higher Self, my intuition and my guidance… What do I need to do next? 

In reply, I heard: Do exactly what you’re doing, sitting here on this rock. And then take 10 deep breaths, and let the sun recharge you. 

So I sat there, on the rocks, and I took 10 deep breaths.

I let the sun, the energy, the heat, the power, seep into my being.

I channelled it into my solar plexus chakra, just above my belly button, to recharge my power, my confidence in myself, and my energy.

As I took the last of those 10 breaths, as I fully surrendered to being okay with not having the kind of day I’d planned and imagined, an idea for this note to you dropped in.

The idea being: just be real, because this is enough.

The idea being: what you’ve done today, is enough.

The idea being: it’s okay to do less, to honour your energy, whatever cycle you’re in.

And so if you’ve had a day recently, or even a moment, when things didn’t go to plan…

Or if you’ve been worrying about whether you’ve done enough…

Or you think you ‘should’ be further ahead…

Or you feel frustrated because you don’t have the clarity you crave…

Then trust that it’s okay to simply be exactly where you are.

Even if it feels like you ‘should’ know the answer, or be doing more, or be further ahead, or whatever other thoughts jump and dive and weave through our racing minds when we’re being hard on ourselves.

I did a kinesiology balance on myself, and one thing that came up for me feels important to share here:

“Stand in your personal power with absolute confidence in the light that you are.”

(That’s from the Black Tourmaline card reading from the Liquid Crystal Oracle cards.)

So, friends, let’s do that. Let’s stand in our personal power with absolute confidence in the light that we are.

And when your ego tries to follow you around, ask yourself ‘What would Dory do?’ and then? Just keep swimming.




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