Dancing with capacity and desire

I’ve been playing around with the concept of ‘capacity and desire’

This is something I learned from reading a piece written by the business mentor and guide Hiro Boga, that captured my attention and has held it, in the background, while I work in my biz with two little kiddies.

This is what I took from it:

The relationship between capacity and desire is a dance we all move to, whether we’re conscious of it or not.

Sometimes, you might find yourself with a desire to do more (see more clients, create something new, produce more courses, more more more) but your capacity (time, space, energy, etc.) isn’t able to hold it all.

Sometimes you might find your capacity opens and expands, there’s space where there wasn’t before… but when you tune in, your desire is low. You just… don’t wanna.

Sometimes capacity and desire find themselves blended and balanced beautifully; your capacity meets and matches your desire and vice versa, and you sit sweetly in the space that lets you create, share and show up on demand, as you please.

And sometimes we find neither the capacity nor the desire (to do anything but eat ice cream on the couch!) and that’s perfect in it’s place too.

Life brings all different seasons with it.

No matter where you are—which season you’re in right now—know that the dance of capacity and desire is one that’ll flow through every season with you.

Know that no matter how high/low your capacity/desire is, nothing is wrong.

Your value isn’t based on your ability to create, show up or work, or to rest, pause, slow down or focus your attention elsewhere.

This is true 100% of the time, and it means that if creating/not creating doesn’t make you more worthy, then creating/not creating doesn’t make you less worthy.

Because you’re always enough.

And you have enough time.

And there’s no rush.

And the capacity/desire river is always flowing, with, to, through and for you.

So if you feel like you’ve missed the boat, pause, breathe and trust… because there’s another one coming down the stream for you.




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