You’ve only just begun

Have you ever thought of someone you look up to in business and listed all the qualities, attributes and traits that you think they have, that (think!) you don’t?

Um, I have.

Maybe you’ve thought to yourself that you’ll never have the success you (on some level) believe is possible for you because you’re not as connected to your power as someone else? (You know those people who change the frequency of the room they walk into? Like that.)

Maybe you’ve wondered if the reason you haven’t taken your business to the level you desire is because you just aren’t smart enough, ‘likeable’ enough, energetic enough or interesting enough.

If so, you’re so not alone and you do not have to stay here either.

Here’s what I’d love to offer you:

Take a moment (or jot this down in your journal or a notebook) to think about all of these traits that you apparently don’t possess. Simply make a list, with as little self-criticism and judgment as possible.

Take a moment to breathe into this and send yourself love and compassion.

Now… choose just one that jumps out at you the most.

Let’s say it’s… magnetism.

Let’s say you look at someone you admire and you think ‘Gosh it must be so easy for them, they’re just so magnetic. They just call in whatever they want, whenever they want it. They pull in their desires, simply by showing up.’

* Drum roll please. *

This is your work.

That right here—that trait or belief you have that you think would make all the difference—this is your work.

If you truly believe that your business will look and feel different if you were more magnetic…

… decide to be more magnetic.

Decide it every single day.

Breathe it in every single day.

Be intentional with the energy of magnetism, every single day.

Remind yourself of your magnetism every single time you sit down at your desk or show up on social media or create something beautiful in your business.

Find, create and remember the evidence that you make true—that you are a magnetic being who calls in what you want, just by being you, from your natural state.

Show the Universe that you know this is true.

Show your business that you know this is true.

Show your body that you know this is true.

Be intentional with how you anchor this into your body, being and business.

When you show up in this way, in this state, with the remembrance that what you seek in others you can see in yourself, that new possibility-steeped beliefs are accessible to you, that calling on the energy state of magnetism is accessible to you, and that the results you desire (and know are possible for you) aren’t meant for someone else only, but are now a match for you…

… holy moly.

The power this unleashes.

The space this creates.

The magnet you become.

Watch out world.

You’ve only just begun.





P.S. Let’s work together and make magnetism part of your business strategy.



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