Write for yourself, first


When I started writing in my business, I often wrote things I thought would resonate with other people

One of the very first articles I ever wrote was for my first clinic’s newsletter. It was autumn, and with winter fast approaching, I wrote an article on how to “beat the winter blues”.

This was a little bit for me (as in, I enjoyed writing about it, was excited to write my first article, and knew the content well) but I mostly wrote it for others.

I wrote it because I thought that kind of article would be good to write.

I wrote it because I sat down and thought to myself: What should I write for them? And also, who is “them?”

I wrote the article, as best I could, and I remember feeling so proud of myself for doing so. (Then, off it went to be printed, stuffed in envelopes and mailed off to the clinic’s clients because that’s how the clinic director liked to send out newsletters back then.)

For a long time, I wrote things I thought I “should” write.

I still mostly enjoyed writing in this way, but underneath it all, was the idea that I was writing what my “ideal clients” would like to read.

Because I was a nutritionist and naturopath when I began my career, I thought I should create recipes, and write articles about food.

But… I was doing it because I thought that’s what nutritionists did, not because it’s what always lit me up.

Sometimes it did, and sometimes it didn’t; I wanted to write about more than food. I also knew that so many people love writing about food, and I was happy to let them focus on this, while I focused on what I loved writing about.

(This is even evident in my very first eCourse, Cleansed, where the focus wasn’t just on food, but also on the mind, body and spirit.)

As my business evolved, as I added in kinesiology, as I worked in alignment with who I am and with what I love to do, as more of the clients I saw were entrepreneurs, small business owners, healers, coaches and creatives, and as more of my work became centred in the mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic side of business and life, I started to write what lit me up, first and always.

And that’s when things started to change in my business

I started to receive replies to my weekly newsletters that said “Omg, you always send exactly what I need to read, at exactly the right time!”.

I started to receive emails from people who did my online courses and workshops, who said that the work changed them.

I started to receive emails from people who’d read my book, You Are Enough, who said “It feels like you’re inside my head, like you know exactly what I’m going through.”

You don’t feel like I’m inside your head because I’m reading your mind.

(Or am I…?)

If you think I know what you’re going through, it’s because I’ve gone through it too

But that doesn’t mean I’m writing about it because I think I “should” write about it.

I’m writing about it because I want to write about it. And then I’ll share it with you, and if you love it, that is awesome. But if you don’t, that’s okay too.

In my Love What You Create Workshop, we don’t write for other people.

We write for ourselves, first.

This isn’t selfish; this is, in fact, how we serve others best. 

When we write for ourselves, we write in flow. The words pour out, with a rhythm, and a beat, and a pulse that can’t be replicated when you’re writing for “someone else”.

That feeling of writing for “someone else” can show up when you’re writing something that doesn’t light you up; when you’re writing something that feels old and stale; when you’re writing something that you don’t love, but that you think you “should” write, say or publish.

In my Love What You Create Workshop, we write for ourselves, first.

We write for ourselves so that we can serve others beautifully, show up for ourselves and our muse in alignment with who we really are, do the work we know we need to do, and create a business we really love.

In LWYC, you get to look at what you really want to be creating in your business, and how to do it from a space of alignment and joy, and not from force, not from angst, not from rush, not from “shoulds”.

And then, you’ll actually create it!⠀

In LWYC, you’ll give yourself permission to expand your business by building your body of work in a way that serves and supports you and your clients and customers.

No more “creating content” for your “ideal client avatar”. (Gah, even just writing that makes me feel tired.)
Write for yourself, first. (How energising!)

The people who need to read it, will resonate with it deeply. ⠀

You need to love your work, first. ⠀

Even if perfectionism and procrastination come to the party too.

Even if resistance and overwhelm think they’re invited.

Even if you think you don’t know what to say.

Even if you think no one will read your work.

Even if you don’t think you’re good enough to write about it. (You are enough!)

Even if you don’t know how you’ll finish it (or um, even start it!)

Even if… even if… even if…


The work that you deeply feel you need to make, needs to be made by you⠀

So… make it. Create it.

And then, please… love it!

And… let me help.

It would be an absolute honour to welcome you into Love What You Create.⠀

Jump in now, go at your own pace, do the work, and love what you create. ⠀




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