When you get *crickets*

Have you ever stopped inviting clients into your program or offer because you got *crickets*? 

(Or didn’t sell at the rate/number you desired to?) 

If so… here’s an idea for you… 

Keep showing up for your people.  

For the person who hasn’t seen your work yet. 

For the person who doesn’t know your name yet.  

For the person who was about to sign up but then their phone rang or the dryer beeped at them or their kid spilled their drink or their dog needed to be let out… and they just need one more reminder. 

For the person who needs to read that one thing you want to say, which will help them trust you even more deeply. 

For the person who simply takes a little longer to make a decision. 

For the person who’s about to find you and sign up immediately. 

If you had a spare seat flying First Class to Hawaii for a two week holiday, you wouldn’t stop trying to find a family member or friend to fill that seat and take the trip with you if the first, second or even third person you asked couldn’t make it.  

You’d keep shouting from the rooftops that you have a FIRST CLASS SEAT TO HAWAII until you filled the seat. 

If you were a real estate agent selling luxurious apartments in a brand new development, you wouldn’t stop selling the apartments and think ‘Omg obviously no one likes what I’m selling’ if you hadn’t yet sold the last few remaining apartments.  

You’d keep shouting from the rooftops that YOU ARE SELLING LUXURIOUS APARTMENTS until the last contract was signed.  

If you were selling the most amazing coffee beans in the whole world and it had become your secret to making the perfect cup of coffee, and literally no other cup of coffee could ever taste as good as the ones you make, you wouldn’t stop selling the beans just because a few people were like ‘Ah, nah I prefer tea.’ 

You’d keep shouting from the rooftops that YOU HAVE THE WORLD’S BEST COFFEE BEANS EVER until you’d sold out.  

I could go on… but I feel like you get me. 

When you love what you’ve created, you owe it to the people who’ll benefit the most to keep showing up and telling them about this magic. 

And if that feels far away, try this: show up and act as if you’re telling someone who loves you, about this thing you made. That’s it. They love you. Now, how do you show up? 

It’s possible to deepen your trust, faith, love and commitment to yourself, your craft, your work and your offers. 

It’s possible to trust that there are amazing clients talking themselves into working with you right now.  

It’s possible to make sales even on your ‘worst’ day (and by that I simply mean, even on the days you judge yourself, feel stressed, or wonder if you’re doing it ‘right’.) 

It’s possible to love your business as it is right now and call in more of what you want.  

It’s not about the hustle. It’s about the nervous system regulation.  

The belief work.  

The energy alchemy.  

The potency and power of showing up imperfectly because ‘publish’ is always better than ‘perfect’… and your best-fit clients love you every day, even on the days you doubt yourself.  




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