What to do when you wobble

Ever told yourself you have to be unwavering in your self-belief or self-confidence to show up in your biz, love what you create, sign more clients or make more money?

Well… lean in, and listen up, because the coaches you love and look up to, the healers, creatives and biz owners who you learn from and admire, they wobble sometimes.

(Wobbling = sitting in self-doubt, insecurities, fears, worries or lack of belief.)

Or maybe they even wobble every day.

Maybe, wobbling is how they’ve discovered their own medicine.

And maybe the energy of that medicine—that knowledge and wisdom—is what you’re feeling, absorbing and tuning into, when you sit beside them, learning from them.

They don’t make wobbling mean anything about themselves or their business.

They don’t let wobbling stop them from showing up.

Because they know that you can be wobbly sometimes, and be an amazing coach.
You can be wobbly and be fully booked.

You can be wobbly and make a ton of money, doing amazing work in the world.

When you think you have to be all or nothing, you set yourself up to look for the ways you’re not there yet.

What if there is nothing wrong with wobbling?

If you never wobble, how could you ever know what steady feels like?

It’s what you tell yourself it means about you and your coaching/business that matters.

Wobbling doesn’t mean anything is wrong.

In fact, what if meant something was very right?

Because you only know you’re wobbling because you’re doing big, beautiful things in the world with your big, beautiful heart, and wobbling is proof of this.

Next time you feel unsteady, remind yourself that nothing is wrong; that you’re feeling this because you care so very deeply; and that all the ways you stabilise yourself amount to all the reasons why you’re the one for the job.

Please remember: You’re doing an amazing job and if you’re wobbling… that is perfect, and very much a part of it all.



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