Two mindset shifts for more joy and growth

These two mindset shifts have radically changed my biz in the last year…

And I’m not just talking about majorly upping the joy levels, calling in the most incredible clients, expanding my body of work with potency, power, lightness and ease (I’m looking at you, growing library of writing plus weekly-podcast-nearing-50-episodes) but also significantly increasing my income (and while working about a third of the time as the year before… which the me of early 2022 would have cried to know about, since I was going back to work after my second baby), having multiple 5-figure launches (mastermind as well as 1:1 client programs) and taking my profit margin from 60% up to 71%.

(Yep, you can be certain I’m celebrating and reflecting on all of this, planting this evidence deep within, so it can bloom and spread like wild flowers.)

1. Nothing is broken

(Not you, nor your biz.)

Which means…

2. Nothing needs to be fixed

(Not you, nor your biz.)

Let’s unpack this…

Nothing is broken tells us that even if shit has felt hard in your biz, even if you’ve felt stuck or swamped, overwhelmed or like you’ve failed… you haven’t broken anything. You haven’t done this wrong. You haven’t stuffed this up. You’re not even standing in your own way… you are the way. So, keep going… knowing you don’t need to spend your time or energy fixing anything, but rather… finding the evidence of what’s working.

Nothing needs to be fixed includes YOU. You don’t need to be fixed. Your business doesn’t need to be fixed. Those times things didn’t go to plan don’t need to be rehashed a thousand times to find the flaws and punish yourself into doing ‘better next time’. Next time is better simply for existing, and it can only exist when you keep showing up, knowing that…

… nothing is broken (not you, nor your biz), and nothing needs to be fixed (not you, nor your biz).

Can things shift, change, adapt, evolve and grow?


Can this happen through self-punishment, self-harassment or self-criticism?


So… the next time you worry, wonder or wander through your biz trying to find what’s wrong… start looking for what’s right.

And for what’s right under your nose.

You, and your beautiful biz, doing this together.  




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