Speaking to your clients

Sometimes speaking to a past version of yourself in your marketing is THE BEST WAY to connect with potential clients.

You know them! You get them! You WERE them! (And sometimes, on some level, you still are them!)

But then sometimes… we can identity with our own problems and struggles so much, that speaking to a past version of yourself in your marketing IS NOT the best way to connect with potential clients.

Sometimes you have to step outside of yourself and your own ‘stuff’, in order to connect with your best-fit clients with a different perspective of congruence.

When you can do this without wronging yourself for it, and when you can do this and still find all the evidence that you’re the best-fit coach/healer for your best-fit clients; you’ll be speaking to the people who are ready, for your magic, right now.

This is not the same as not being congruent with your work, or not being a product of your product.

This is about knowing that sometimes we see our own stuff so closely, that we think everyone is also going through the exact same thing that you did/or are. Then, we use that against ourselves.

That’s simply not true 100% of the time.

You can be deeply aligned with your work and also not connected to the exact same struggles as your best-fit clients.

Your clients can feel deeply connected to you without being challenged in the EXACT SAME ways as have been.

So play with both: play with speaking to a past version of yourself if/when that feels right and true for you… and also, play with speaking to clients who are not connected with the exact challenges you’ve overcome… but whom you know you can still deeply help.

I know you can hold that paradox.

I know you can call in clients who are ready, right now.

This is me saying to you:

  • You can be aligned without being perfect (I know, I know… exhale).
  • You can sign clients as you are today.
  • You don’t have to have every single problem in your life/biz ‘solved’ in order to be of deep service to your best-fit clients today (perfectionism, much?).
  • You can hold the paradox of knowing that sometimes you’re speaking to a past version of yourself when you speak to your clients… and sometimes, you’re not. Hold space for both versions of you, and hold space for both versions of clients coming to you.
Who you speak to, and how you speak to them (as well as what you *think* about them), matters.


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