Show yourself you’re ready

How do you expand your capacity for more?  

You go to your edge, consistently and with love. 

You soothe your nervous system at this edge—the limit of what you think is possible, the boundary of where you’ve been before, the point where perhaps you even feel backed into a corner—to slowly show your being that you are safe, at this next level. 

You guide your body to more, by sowing the seeds of safety exactly where you are.  

You repeat this, over and over.  

While believing it’s all possible for you. 

And you call all this (and more) in (or something better), because you showed yourself you were ready… because you showed safety to your system.  

Safety is found in: 

  • Your breath. 
  • Taking the pressure off. 
  • Seeing everything as an experiment. 
  • Healing old traumas. 
  • Hearing past versions of yourself tell you stories that you lovingly release today.  
  • Connecting with your future self who shows you the way.  
  • Trusting the energy of your business, who sits alongside you, separate and bountiful in their own right.  
  • Looking for evidence of what’s working and what’s flowing. 
  • Staying on your path and instead of silencing others if you feel triggered, raising the frequency of your own voice, to become a more radiant match for your desires.  

You can want more and sit in sufficiency exactly where you are.  

You can want more and be content with what you have.  

More is always available to you and also… to receive more, you have to celebrate the sufficiency you have today. 



P.S. Let’s work together 1:1 for deep belief change work, healing work and energy balancing, to help you sign more clients, make more money and create a business that feels like safety and expansion and home (for you and your clients).  


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