One of my best selling products

About nine years ago, back in 2015, I flew to Santa Barbara for a work conference for my beloved Ontraport software.

Between seminars, dinners and catch-ups, and while sitting at the hotel’s rooftop pool, with mountain views on one side, and ocean views on the other, I wrote the draft scripts of seven chakra-balancing meditations, for what would soon become my bestselling Breathe & Receive meditation album.

(If you’ve been around for a while, you might remember it! I also recently popped the meditations up on the podcast, so you can check them out here– scroll down to find every episode.)

It was only after I’d written, recorded and mixed each of the seven episodes that I realised something…

… six of the visualisation used the colours of their specific chakras (e.g. yellow for solar plexus, green for heart), except for the first meditation, the grounding one.

For this visualisation, I’d written about imagery in a forest; green, grounding, calming, earthing.

It was still very much a grounding meditation relating to the base chakra, but I hadn’t used any red in the imagery.

Oh my goodness, everyone is going to realise this and be so confused.

Should I redo it?

Can I still sell it as is?

Will it still be powerful, and make sense…? I wondered, perfectionism flowing through my veins… for about 15 minutes.

And then I got on with my job of packaging the meditations up, getting them up for sale, and marketing them to my people.

Because the work is better than one self-selected imperfection my inner critic found.

(And because I really liked it as is, and I kinda couldn’t be bothered to redo it haha.)

And I was right.

That album was one of my bestselling products in my business, of all time.

In fact, just recently someone emailed me to let me know they still listen to it often, all these years later.

I’ve often wondered if anyone ever noticed that the tracks didn’t all follow a ‘perfect’ order of chakra colours, and if they did notice, I wonder if they cared, or felt negatively impacted by this. Chances are low, I reckon.

I’ve thought about this over the years, and it reminds me that:

  • Yes we can be our own worst critics, and we can also be our own best cheerleaders.
  • What we see as imperfect, our best-fit clients probably don’t notice, or care about.
  • Sometimes little ‘mistakes’ can be just that; little things that yeah, maybe you’d do differently next time, but are also perfectly perfect in their own way.
  • You can leave something as ‘imperfect’ and be more than okay with it, letting it have its own energy as it is. (As in, I never went back to re-record the grounding meditation, because I loved it as it was.)

This is what happens when you work with me.

You create a bigger body of work that serves more clients in deeper ways, without perfectionism putting pause on the projects that’ll make a big, big difference in your biz.

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