Next time you’re at your desk

The next time you sit down at your desk or open your phone or laptop to invest energy into your biz… 

… first, tell yourself—lovingly and truthfully—that what you’re doing is working. (This simple shift away from the energy of the unconscious belief/fear of ‘I don’t know if anything I’m doing is having an impact’ that tinges all of your actions is, quite simply, business-changing.)

Tell yourself—lovingly and truthfully—that there are so many amazing clients out there and here right now who cannot wait to work with you.

Tell yourself—lovingly and truthfully—that you are enough and that you know enough, to help your next client

Tell yourself—lovingly and truthfully—that you are worthy of receiving money for your work and that you’re not ‘taking away’ from your clients when they pay you.

Tell yourself—lovingly and truthfully—that your dreams DO happen even when you aren’t working, and that resting can call in more clients too.

Tell yourself—lovingly and truthfully—that all of you includes the you who knows this is already done.  





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It’s time to clear away your blocks, align your energy, and call your power back to you.

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