Low belief baggage

In the past I’ve spent 13620460462024 hours on doing All The Things.

Things like perfecting my sales page design, website design, ebook format, course structure, pricing structure, marketing strategy, content strategy, newsletter timing and… gah, you get it.

And yes lots of that is important in lots of ways.

And also… literally none of it matters if you don’t believe in yourself, and by extension of that, if you don’t believe in your value, your offers/programs, your clients, and in the  b i g n e s s  of what you do, in the  s p a c e  you’re here (and allowed) to take up.

The ‘perfect’ sales page won’t sell an offer you don’t believe in. Adding more bonuses and content and calls won’t make it more attractive to clients who can subtly feel that you’re trying to prove how much of a worthy coach/healer/consultant you are when you offer them more, more and more.

The ‘perfect’ website won’t ‘convert’ clients when you don’t believe there are clients who want to work with you, or when you think that just because you don’t know who’s flowing into your biz that it must mean no one is flowing to you.

The ‘perfect’ price won’t feel easy to sell when you aren’t sold on the value you provide, when you constantly think no one has money to pay you, or when you keep thinking that only changing the price will finally be what sells your program/course. (Hint: when you think this, you can be sure it’s never actually about the price.)

All of this is to say… it doesn’t feel good to deliver content, coaching or services when you’re grasping at the straws that you think are holding everything together.

Your truth is that you are an amazing, skilled, gifted and sovereign coach and healer; that your clients love you and need the medicine and magic that only you offer; and that you are so ready for what’s next while also being able to even more deeply sit in what’s here right now.

Loving yourself, licking the wounds that low-belief baggage creates and finding your next step steeped in possibility is available to you.

Helping you believe in yourself through all the layers of doubt that arise when you’re moving into your bigger business picture and helping you decipher when belief is needed over action, is literally my job, my jam and my genius. 

Let’s clear the clutter of your to do list, and replace it with beliefs that make the actions that come later feel easier than ever before.

Here are some ways to do this: 

When you go first, your clients find you.

And sometimes, that means finding yourself (and your deepest belief) first. 





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