Go easy on yourself and watch your business flourish

In sessions with my lovely clients this week, I’m finding there’s a theme, as is so often the case

This week it’s all about understanding (and then embodying) the idea that the more ease we bring into our work, the easier our work becomes.

The more we follow our natural energy cycles, the more energised we become.

The more we trust our businesses and lives can and will hold themselves up when we are resting and nurturing ourselves, the more we allow our businesses and lives to hold themselves up.

We don’t need to carry our businesses (or our lives). That is not our role, our purpose or our goal.

So remember to stay in a space of trust.

Go easy on yourself and watch your business flourish.

Go easy on yourself and watch yourself tune into flow.

Go easy on yourself and remember your dreams actually can work even if you don’t.

And in fact, I’ve found the more I allow myself to go slowly when I need to, nurture myself when I need to, take a day off when I need to… well, the more my dreams work for me. #micdrop

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