Feeding your thought tree

If your thoughts and beliefs about yourself were feeding a fruit tree, what would the fruits look like? Taste like?  

Would they be vibrant, plump, juicy and sweet?  

Or… shrivelled, dull and sour? 

If the latter, first up: can you be loving, curious and compassionate towards this awareness?  

There is nothing wrong with the thoughts feeding that tree. This is simply an analogy to look at how your thoughts/emotions are affecting what’s being radiated out into your life and biz. It means you’re placing meaning on those thoughts… and they’re producing the results before you—the fruit. 

Can you shift where you’re placing meaning? Can you believe other, new, expansive thoughts, consciously and on purpose…? 

Thinking about the quality of fruit growing on the tree that’s fed by your thoughts…  imagine a client picking this fruit and eating it.  

The question is, would you want them to?  

And if not, how can you feed the tree differently to grow different/higher quality fruits? 

By doing belief change work, blended with body balancing work.  

As in, working with your thoughts to create different feelings in your body, and working with your energy and emotions to deepen your beliefs about yourself.  

It works both ways, always.  

And it’s possible for you, always.  

Your ‘thought tree’ is dynamic and always evolving and growing.  

It’s fed by your thoughts and energy, by your beliefs and emotions.  

And how you ‘feed’ it (and prune it) can shift, alter and open what’s next for you.  



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