In business, ‘faster’ doesn’t mean ‘better’

Yesterday in yoga, my teacher said something I’ve heard before, but understood in a new light: ‘The deeper the river, the slower it flows’

Imagine if, instead of rushing and stressing and pushing, we focused on building roots?

What if, instead of wondering why we’re not ‘there yet’, we acknowledged where we’re building depth, or height, in our lives and businesses?

What if we didn’t focus on the length of time it takes it to build what we’re working towards, and instead focus on the importance—and the purpose—of what we’re building?

The topic of one of my You Got This: Business Alignment Mastermind’s is: How to get off the entrepreneurial rollercoaster. A ride I’ve been on many times in my business; a ride that tricks us into thinking ‘faster’ is ‘better.’

Faster isn’t better. Good things can take time to grow, and there are so many things you can do to help you feel on track while you’re building your biz.

In this mastermind, I’ll take you through the most important steps you can take—and the mindset you can embody—to help you step off the entrepreneurial rollercoaster and find more ease and flow with your work, money and business.

The entrepreneurial rollercoaster can be exhausting. You wonder if things will ever even out for you; you put so much work in, and yet you still feel like you’re always chasing your tail, or trying to keep up (with what?).

If you ever find your mood fluctuates based on your bank account, if you’ve had moments of wondering if you should quit your biz, if you know something’s gotta give, this month’s mastermind is for you.

By joining this month’s mastermind, you’ll feel more confident in yourself, your business and your actions; you’ll begin trusting yourself and your decisions even more; you’ll stop feeling so up-and-down with your work (and path in business); and you’ll feel more grounded and solid in what you’re working on, and what you’re allowing yourself to receive.

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