Allowing things to take time

As a makeup artist in my early twenties, I worked at Mecca for several years (mostly while studying makeup and just after I graduated), and I loved it.

It taught me so much about skincare and makeup of course, and also about selling, connecting with customers and serving people deeply, so they walked out the store glowier and way more confident than when they walked in.

I remember early on though, when my heart sank after being told by a very senior manager that it’d probably take me about six months to become really familiar with the huge range of products. 

You obviously had to know the products well to sell them, and I panicked…

‘Um, if it’s going to take me SIX MONTHS to get good at this, how will I manage NOW? Not even how will I sell now, but how will I help any customers at all?’

It took me the better part of the rest of that day to process how I was feeling and move into allowing. 

Allowing myself to be new at this. 

Allowing myself to be in a learning phase. 

Allowing myself to become a sponge, absorbing and then mimicking what my colleagues were saying, doing, teaching and communicating to customers.

And most importantly, allowing myself to be exactly where I was. 

I decided that if it was going to take me some time to become knowledgeable and proficient at selling these beautiful products, I may as well have fun with it all. 

And so that’s where I invested my energy; into doing beautiful makeup, playing with gorgeous skincare, connecting with lovely customers and making lifelong friends (lifelong!) to make the days even more fun. 

And do you know what? 

I can’t remember when I started to feel super confident and comfortable with the hundreds (probably thousands) of products in our store. 

But I do remember knowing it had nothing to do with the timing, because I’d stopped making it about the timing. 

I’d decided to learn more and become more skilled for the joy and love of it.

And that not only changed everything, but it made it even more worthwhile.

Some things just take time. There’s no way around it. 

And the time will fly when you’re showing up for the joy of it… not the sake of it. 




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