There is no ‘one’ right way to do this

There have been too (too, too) many times in my business where I’ve been held back (and yet…

… I trust the timing of my becoming) because I’ve worried about how ‘enough’ I was.

Is my program enough?

Does my pricing make sense?

Is this workshop good enough?

Am I saying this the right way?

Am I giving enough to my clients? Saying the right things? Doing the right things? Being the right healer/coach for them?

Am I creating this the right way?


You beautiful human… there is no ‘one’ right way to do any of this.

There simply isn’t.

(Side note: Anytime someone says “THIS IS THE ONE PROGRAM YOU NEED TO XYZ” I run a mile because… bullshit.)

When you value yourself no matter your mood, when you trust your enoughness no matter the decision you’re making or even the result you created… you stay open to life’s limitlessness, to the potential inherent in the present moment, and to the endless possibilities that lie before you.

Thinking there’s one way right to do things will have you running yourself into the ground trying to find it, instead of paving your path forward by simply and bravely taking the next step, trusting it’s right for right now, and then taking the next, and the next and the next.

The way you do things in your business is perfect for you and right for right now… and your clients will feel that, know that and trust that when you do. Which means you can build your business from here, right now, without needing to make ‘perfect’ decisions because the perfect decision doesn’t exist.

I believe it.

Will you too?

In my business-building, enoughness-deepening program, Show Up & Vibe, I will literally never, ever tell you the ‘one’ way to do a thing… and instead, I will always guide you to a deep sense of sufficiency, a deep state of trust and a high belief in your enoughness on all levels, so that you can make decisions that are right for you, right now.

This will support you to do things like:

  • Craft your most delightfully light-on-your-system offers that create amazing results for your clients and feel easy and fun for you to deliver
  • Land on a pricing structure from the belief that there is a client for every price point, no perfect price, and no way you can (or need to) ‘charge your worth’
  • Create insanely valuable content, courses, programs, modules, lessons etc. for your clients because when you believe in your value and that you have something helpful to share with your clients, you can actually channel this work into your business and build your body of work
  • Build and grow your business in a way that feels organic and right for you, fully in your own zone of genius, in your own lane, and on your own terms
  • And of course, show up, sell, serve and support your clients no matter your mood… because your value doesn’t waver, even on a ‘bad’ day

You won’t have to work so hard.

You won’t have to stress so much.

You won’t feel left behind.

I don’t want you to do business my way.

I want you to do business your way.

I want to coach you, guide you, support you and hold your hand (with consent!) all the way from “Am I doing this right?” to “There’s no way I can do this wrong.”

Because there isn’t.

So, come and join me in Show Up & Vibe and learn how to show up and build your business by being in your zone of enoughness, every day, in every way.




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