Ep 99. Taking Your Energetic Temperature, Expanding Your Resonance & Redirecting Your Biz Energy with Jayne Tancred

I loved this conversation with my client Jayne, so much, and I just know you will too.

Jayne Tancred is a marketing coach and copywriter with nearly 30 years of experience marketing and writing about products and services that make the world happier, healthier place. She helps natural health practitioners, coaches, healers and other soul-centred small business owners become confident marketers who create inspiring and impactful products and messaging.

She shared her wisdom on:

  •  ⁠How to navigate the differences between tangible and intangible promises
  • How to market your work without over-promising, but still communicating the results you help create
  • How to work with the concept of ‘permission to play’ in your biz
  • Your ‘energetic temperature’ and how to tune into this for biz growth and expansion
  • How the words you use are really powerful, and impact your resonance
  • How resonance can be amplified through empathy and capacity, and affected by doubt
  • Your energetic capacity, and what you can hold for others versus what you can hold for yourself
  • How you can choose what you carry
  • Boundaries and venn diagrams and how they correlates with your business and energy
  • Redirection your energy through an energetic pause and energetic development
  • Plus we laughed about a great analogy related to a grapefruit, which will make lots of sense when you get to it
  • And so, so much more

You’ll find Jayne’s website here, her Instagram here, and you check out her free resource on how to get clear on your marketing messaging here.

Oh and you might want a notebook and pen when you tune in, because there is just so much goodness in this episode!

Show Notes:

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