Hold steady

Everything has ebbs and flows

It’s natural for there to be expansion and then contraction, expansion and then contraction.

If you’re in a space of expansion, hold steady in that space.

If you’re in a space of contraction, hold your ground; it’s about to expand.

Your focus must be to hold steady, wherever you are, no matter what the ground beneath your feet feels like. Because no matter where you stand, that’s where you are.

So hold steady in your energy, allow yourself to shift and evolve, to expand and contract; it’s the natural cycle of growth.

We can’t always be going up up up, but we also don’t have to fear the down. The down is how we find our voice if we lost it somewhere along the way. The down is where we grow our proverbial wings; the ones that held us on our way up, and that now need to expand on our way down. The down is where we decide; will we try again? Or will we change our minds?

Trust in the energy of where you are, right now.

Trust in the cycle of growth, and of expansion.

Hold steady in this space you’re in, so the space can hold you steady in return.

I write about this—these themes of growth and expansion, of ‘failure’ and picking ourselves back up again—in my new book, It’s All Good.

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