Are you having fun in your business?

I’ve just gotten back from the first leg of my book tour, and I’m still buzzing from how amazing it’s been so far


What’s so funny is that on hearing I am doing a book tour, so many people (friends and strangers alike) will almost instantly say to me, Oh that’s amazing! And then, But how exhausting! 

But really… I’m not finding it exhausting. In fact, I’m finding these workshops so energising, and I am loving meeting all the amazing women who are coming to my events!

Yes, sure, when I got home after doing three workshops in three cities over four days, I needed a break from talking (I said to my hubby, I have all the things to tell you! But I need a break from talking so I’ll tell you tomorrow!) and I was so happy to be sleeping in my own bed, but I didn’t come home feeling burnt out and flat.

On one hand, I subscribe to the idea that when you do work you love, it’s energising. But I also understand that’s the trap we can fall into that can lead us to burn out and fatigue.

So I like to settle myself somewhere in the middle; where I am energised by my work, but also able to create plenty of space for other things (like rest! And yoga! And pottery classes! And Harvey Specter!).

And while I am most definitely taking this week more slowly to recharge (massage, yoga, chill time), I didn’t go into this book tour holding on to the fear that it would be exhausting. I went into this book tour with the intention that it would be fun and wonderful… or something better.

If I can complicate things, I can also simplify them.

If I ever find myself making business feel hard, I will always try to turn that around, and make it feel fun (or realise it’s not working, and let it go).

And so, this week’s blog post flowed out of me yesterday, when thinking about all of this, and after a couple of sessions with wonderful clients who are making space to create more joy in their businesses too.

Do you run your own business?

Is it a business you chose and created, in an industry you chose to be in?

Is it a business you dreamed of creating and thriving in, and yet… something isn’t working for you?

Maybe you’re not enjoying your work, or your schedule.

Maybe you’re not enjoying feeling pressured to say yes to every request, every client, every project.

Maybe you feel as though you’re putting in so much work, for very little reward.

Maybe you feel just beyond exhausted… and you’re simply not enjoying work right now.

If so, something needs to shift.


I’ve created a free workbook to help you get clarity on what’s not working for you in your business, so that you can align yourself to more ease, joy and flow.

It’s your business, and your choice. 

What will you choose?

Download the free workbook here.




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