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Clear, confident and aligned

I’ve been working steadily on finalising the content for my Love What You Create Writer’s Workshops this past week

Earlier this week I spent almost the whole day at the library, taking myself through the workshop content to ensure it all flows beautifully, and it really does!

I actually thought I’d already done this (my goal setting and planning for the year), but so many new insights and so much more information came through to me as I took myself through the Love What You Create process.

I am literally buzzing now, having just mapped out my main projects for this year, with so much more clarity on my big picture projects, goals and ideas.

My hubby was sitting next to me working on his own things, and he looked over and said ‘Are you doing your own workshop?!’

I laughed and said ‘Yes! I want to make sure it’s all flowing beautifully, and that it’s supportive, inspiring and helpful.’

And it is.

I now feel even more aligned to what I’m creating this year. This workshop included!

(I also feel even more excited for these workshops, if that were at all possible!)

I’m about to send the workbooks off to be beautifully designed, and then printed. We’ll be working from the workbooks during the day, and then you’ll be able to take them home and continue to work with them and refer to them as you continue to create beautiful things.

Of course, if you come to the workshop, I’ll also be sending you the PDF version of the workbook after the event, so you’ll be able to take yourself through my Love What You Create process again and again.


It’s how I do my work and stay in my flow.

It’s how I stay clear, confident and aligned while I create.

It’s how I use my words to build my business.

It’s how I create without burning out.

It’s how I tune out the noise and overwhelm so I can create with purpose.

And I can’t wait to share it all with you.


I can’t wait to help you clear your blocks, tap into your purpose and potential, and align to your dreams and goals this year.

Driven, devoted and honouring your dreams?

Yes please.


Learn more about my Love What You Create Workshop and join me here.g

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