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A limited series podcast for women who are ready to connect with their bodies, higher self and intuition to empower and heal themselves through energetic balancing and inner alignment.

We’re your hosts, Cass & Kate, and we’re holistic kinesiologists

For years we’ve been helping women tap into their inner power, connect with themselves, balance and align their energy, and step into their highest potential.

We created this podcast to help you do all that, and more.

Each episode is an insight into how balancing the mind, body and soul through natural techniques and energetic remedies, can empower you to move towards a life of deeper alignment and fulfilment.

Through unscripted kinesiology balances, we’ll show you how energetic alignment can wholeheartedly enhance your wellbeing, align your energy, and call your power back to you.

Just like in a real client session, these episodes aren’t scripted. Each episode unfolds as naturally and beautifully as an individual kinesiology session would, with remedies that come up acting as guides to where and how we can balance ourselves as a collective, around the themes that are discussed.

If you’re looking to feel more aligned with who you uniquely are, and create a life from your heart (not from your head), you’re in the right place.

Our recent episodes

Ep. 01: Stepping into Your Power

In this episode, we guide you through a powerful balance to help you call your energy and power back to you.

Ep. 02: Changing Your Beliefs

In this episode, we uncover ways to help you change your beliefs, and believe what you desire is possible for you. 

Ep. 03: Clearing Comparison & Stepping into Self-Love

This episode is all about helping you trust you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, with compassion and self-belief.

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