Your Divine Business Plan

I'm thrilled you're joining me for this workshop.

Make some tea or coffee, crack open this worksheet and let's get started.

I wonder what gems your business is about to drop in for you...

Cass x

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I help you find all the places that are feeling stuck or heavy in your business (because of perfectionism, low-belief baggage, overthinking, or trying to find the ‘one right perfect’ decision to make) and help you make your business feel light, and bright, and easy on your system.

Which means… your business can grow in all the places where it felt stunted before, and do more with you, and for you… than ever before.

Alignment is my jam (although if we’re talking about actual jam, I go with fig—I know, a random but excellent option).

I blend fire-cracker business coaching with energy-balancing Kinesiology and state-shifting NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to help you create incredible results in a business that feels like home, safety and joy.

Add in a little dose of naturopathy if needed, and you’ve got a powerful recipe for tapping into your innate power to help you change your thinking, your way of being, and your way of showing up in the world.

Through powerful coaching, a deep ability to see through the blocks that feel so hazy to you, and gentle energy balancing techniques, I’ll help you lovingly guide your thoughts, energy and actions towards creating the kind of success that you want.

Learn more below and please get in touch or book a call below if you want to chat further and discuss the possibilities of working together.