Masterclass Replay - Cassie Mendoza-Jones
Masterclass Replay
I'm so happy you're here!
During this workshop, I guide you through ways you can reconnect with your innate power, and take you through a collective kinesiology balance.

Grab a piece of paper and a pen, and hit play.

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Cassie’s course couldn’t have come into my life at a better time!

I was amidst planning some really bold changes in my life and business, and when things weren’t quite lining up ‘perfectly’ into place I noticed resistance and doubt creeping in.

Using the beautiful balances and grounding techniques in the course, I felt myself come back into alignment and embody the power within to face the challenges, and pivot with grace and ease.

Thank you beautiful woman! Your energy is gentle, so supportive and your journaling prompts truly do have a magical way of tapping into the wisdom within. So grateful for your loving guidance back to trust, faith and flow.

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– Karen Harrison, Reiki Practitioner & Coach, Founder of The Happy Co 

The course is taught mainly through video and audio lessons (with a beautiful accompanying workbook) and some supportive bonuses.

Blending powerful kinesiology energy-balancing practices with neuro-linguistic programming techniques, and my signature style of guiding you deeper to help you come into full congruence and alignment, you'll walk away from this course having changed your beliefs about what's possible for yourself, and then done the work to create and call in more of what works for you.

Cassie’s course is like a beautiful, loving embrace that leaves you feeling renewed whilst it transforms the way you see your current reality as well as your future dreams.

By the completion of the course you have a fresh perspective on your current circumstances and how you can navigate life in a more positive and powerful way moving forward.

She arms you with plenty of tools and visualisations to enable you to experience immediate energetic shifts as well as knowledge you can take forward in your life and add to your toolkit of ways to navigate around inevitable challenges with more ease and self-compassion.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who would love to find more peace around where they are currently at, as well as those who wish to learn the techniques and mindset shifts that get you from where you currently are to where you desire to be more easily and joyfully.

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– Kate Kahl, Kinesiologist & Reiki Practitioner, Founder of Yugen Kinesiology 
Here's how we'll flow:
Module 01. Anchoring into Your Power
What we cover:

  • Connecting with your innate power, no matter what’s going on outside of yourself
  • How to understand—and work with—the difference between power and control
  • Clearing blocks to recognising yourself and what you can create in your life
  • Plus I guide you through a visualisation to help you change your beliefs about what’s possible for yourself

Module 02. Anchoring into Possibility
What we cover:
  • How uncertainty actually translates to possibility
  • Why leaning into uncertainty will be your greatest ally when creating change in your life 
  • How to use the principles of quantum physics to change your mindset about what’s possible for you
  • How to work with uncertainty when manifesting and calling in more of what you really want

Module 03. Anchoring into Wholeness
What we cover:
  • Integrating all parts of yourself for wholeness, so you can step out of self-sabotage and into your personal power
  • Stepping back into your wholeness and why this is so important for anchoring into your power
  • Plus I guide you through a powerful NLP process to bring you back into wholeness so you can move towards what you want, rather than moving away from what you don’t want (there’s a powerful difference, and understanding this supports your long-term goals and ability to stay connected to what works for you)

Module 04. Anchoring onto Your Path 
What we cover:
  • How to forgive yourself for past experiences or challenges
  • Why trusting your path can help you love and accept exactly where you are, helping you to move forwards
  • Clearing away comparison so you can stay on your path
  • Why being present on your path is key
  • How to be present while also looking ahead to what you want to create

Module 05. Anchoring into Your Body
What we cover:
  • Coming back to your body, to help you move closer to what you want to create, through working with your breath, movement, energy balancing practices, and visualisation
  • Trusting that your body is your greatest ally, allowing you to connect with your inner wisdom, receive true answers, and bypass the mind and ego, fear and story
  • Learning from your body and honour it even more
  • Embodying what you’re calling in, switching off the mind and following your body’s messages
  • Plus I guide you through four kinesiology energy-balancing techniques, and an audio lesson on how to more deeply honour your body to help you more fully anchor into your power

Module 06. Anchoring into Your Voice
What we cover:
  • How to more clearly express yourself to others, as well as to yourself
  • How to create healthy boundaries that support your energy and flow
  • How to connect with and use your inner voice to guide you to greater self-awareness
  • How to connect with your voice and deepen your confidence in speaking up
  • Why strengthening your confidence in your voice will deepen your confidence in yourself, helping you to make a greater impact in the world (in your life, and in others’)

Module 07. Anchoring into Your Flow
What we cover:
  • How to embody one of my favourite personal mantras: ‘Stay in your flow, and things will continue to move towards you’
  • Why you don’t have to be perfect to be in alignment
  • How to find/create/embody your own version of alignment
  • How to honour and acknowledge your joy, ease and flow… without worrying it’s all about to disappear
  • How to deepen your embodiment of ‘flow’ and what it means to you, to create more ease on your path, and in your mind
  • Plus I guide you through an audio clearing exercise to bring more clarity to your next best steps

08. Anchoring into Receiving
What we cover:
  • How to allow yourself to receive more (because you're creating more of what you want, right? So it's now time to let yourself receive that, and more)
  • Why you can be grateful, and still ask for more
  • How to enjoy what you’ve received, without worrying it’s all about to disappear
  • A powerful visualisation to make space to receive

Each module contains energy-balancing practices, and an additional collective kinesiology balance.

You'll also receive some beautiful content-rich, supportive bonuses, all housed in a private membership portal, where you can go through the content at your own pace.
It's time to create more of what you want, by becoming all of who you are.
There is just so much value in this course…

… from the comprehensive workbook to the audio visualisations, module videos and other gorgeous personal touches.

I was captivated as Cassie’s calming voice guided me through each module into a self-paced journey of growth.

This course has provided me the tools to break through limiting beliefs and move into a space of trust, flow and alignment – all with easy to implement exercises and prompts.

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– Ashley Murray, Graphic Designer

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