How many times has this happened to you:
 You get an AMAZING idea! (Like, it's AMAZING.)

You ride that dopamine wave all through the brainstorming part until it starts to get real... and it's about the time you'd kinda need to start taking action on this idea and/or... sharing it with your people (i.e. inviting them in! Making offers! Writing that beautiful invitation to them, or launching your sales page into the world!).

Then *crash* the doubt seeps (or rushes) in.

You start to feel a little frozen, and all of a sudden, the amazing idea doesn't seem so shiny anymore.

But because it's not about the idea, but about how you've stationed yourself between 'the idea' and 'the outcome', you either push through and feel drips of uncertainty, fear, even dread, as you take each next step or, you ditch the idea all together... until the next wave comes along.
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Here's the thing... 


Having doubt about doing a (new) thing is a human response to something unknown, something (potentially) challenging, and something (probably) expanding... and yet all too often, we make this uncertainty mean something about ourselves.

Oh well, if I'm feeling this nervous about running that new group program, it probably means I'm not ready to.

If I'm feeling this overwhelmed about how to make an offer to call in more amazing clients, it probably means I don't have what it takes to do so.

If I'm feeling this confused about how to structure my new offer, it probably means I shouldn't create it.

If I'm feeling this nervous about writing that pitch for a speaking engagement, it probably means I'm not ready to speak to an audience anyway.

If I'm feeling so uneasy about my next launch, it probably means I won't sign any new clients anyway.


In this model:

Idea + doubt = nervous system response

In that response, we can:

  • Run the eff away from the 'threat' which is either The Idea or... ourselves! (We're the ones having the ideas so... we're the threat, right?) which creates a lot of distract-a-snacks and scrolling.

  • Freeze and do nada. Doing nothing is GREAT sometimes, but not all the time, and not when you truly want to take action for your big plans and dreams and goals and intentions and your VISION for your life.

  • Fight the danger! Which is... the idea? Or... you? Think: feeling like you or everyone around you is a threat, swirling in comparison, or having conversations in your head all day about what you should/could/would be doing *if only*...

  • Get all people-please-y and create something that is out of alignment with our own integrity, desires, needs and values. (Yes, you're allowed to centre yourself BEFORE your clients, for maximum client service and joy.)

All of this leads us to problem-solving things that are not problems in our businesses.

(i.e. having a 'working' nervous system is not a problem to solve.)

We try to problem solve for having fear or doubt before we make a decision, because we want to attach to the certainty that would make us feel safe 'once we know' the outcome.

The truth is, we can't know the outcome until it comes out of a decision we make... so we have to learn to trust ourselves to make decisions in our business, because that's how we do business (ever realised how running your biz is one decision after another, after another?), with less stress, swirling, spinning, racing, fighting, flighting, freezing or fawning.

This means we can move through the doubt, resistance and attachment to (specific) outcomes, and find a new way of Doing The Things in our businesses.

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