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Before I had my babies, I had so much fear about what my business would look like when I became a mum. 

I loved my business so much, and for so long it felt like I’d have to give it up.

(Correction: for so long, my brain produced thoughts that told me I might have to give it up, which were untrue.)

I thought I’d have to turn my back on everything I’d worked so hard for, but the truth is, my dreams and goals didn’t get smaller when I had my babies, they got bigger.

My babies didn’t make my life harder. They brought abundance.

My body of work expanded.

My ideas became clearer and stronger. My voice, more me.

I learned how to work in a new way, in way less time. 

But not without learning some big lessons, rewriting how I show up in my business, getting annoyed at myself for being so hard on myself (a double whammy), releasing my hustle mindset, stressing and stumbling about, and then sometimes just having a nap with my little one instead of working (which can be the best thing for your biz…).
Before babies, you may be thinking:

  • I’ll be forgotten while I’m on maternity leave
  • All my hard work will be for nothing
  • No-one will remember me when I come back to work
  • I’ll never work a full day again
  • I won’t make as much money as before
  • I’ll have to water down my goals and dreams
  • Everything else will come before my business
  • I’ll never be able to do what I’m doing now
  • This all feels so overwhelming and I don’t know if I’ll be able to manage it all
After babies, you may be thinking:

  • I’ll never get to where I was before and/or I’ll never get to where I truly want to take my business
  • It seems so much easier for so-and-so… how do they do it?
  • How can I create amazing results in my business, working less hours? 
  • How do I keep my self-belief high when I constantly feel so stressed about how to grow my biz and be the mum I want to be?
  • What do I work on first? I seem to have less time, but more ideas!
  • How am I supposed to get anything done? I never know where to start and also feel like I can never finish anything. 
I’ve had all of these thoughts (evidently, otherwise how would I have written them here!?) and I’ve also created new thoughts and beliefs that are more supportive than ever.
I want to help you find more confidence, create more energy, and bend time, to help you love where you’re at in your business, before and after babies.

Whether you’re preparing to have a baby, you have a little one now, or your kid/s are a little older but you’re still finding your ’new’ groove as a working mum, this masterclass is for you.

I’m running two streams in this masterclass:

Business Before Babies and Business After Babies.

You'll receive access to both because if you're not a mum yet, you'll benefit from both classes, and if you're planning on having more than one baby, this is cyclical work, and you'll benefit from both classes.

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You’ll feel so incredibly powerful in how you show up in your business after babies when you: 
  • Know that while things might look different, you're still the powerful coach, creative and healer you've always been, and that power is only getting stronger 
  • Trust that no amount of time you take off to have your baby will harm your business
  • Believe that all the time you have is all the time you need to '______' (fill in the blank)
  • Know that your value is innate, whether you're working in your biz or napping with your baby 
  • Let yourself be in this season, knowing you're always moving towards more time, and you don't need to rush a thing 
I’m not saying it’s always easy. I’m not saying you won’t sometimes want to pull your hair out if your baby wakes from a nap and you just have one more thing to do.

I’m not saying you won’t wish for a day to work and then sob when you drop your little person off at daycare or leave them with a nanny.

I’m not saying you won’t compromise on some things to help expand others, or that you’ll always get it right.

All of that might be true, and you can do this. 

You can have an incredible business before babies, and after babies.

Wherever you are right now, you’re only getting started.

Join me for this masterclass and let’s do this work, together. 

Masterclass 01 (Business Before Babies) will help you:
  • Release fears around becoming a mother and running your own business
  • Prepare your business for maternity leave 
  • Open up to the most nourishing mindset for your maternity leave (because when you know no one is going to forget you if you don’t show up, you get to rest, heal, and bond with your baby without the added mind drama)
  • Create a simple, flexible plan for your return to work
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Masterclass 02 (Business After Babies) will help you:
  • Release fears around becoming a mother and running your own business
  • Simplify what you’re doing in your business, so you can focus on less and joyfully create more momentum in your business (without hustling or going into mind drama)
  • Completely change your relationship with time and how you manage your energy
  • Create new thoughts to boost your business to a new level 
  • Navigate your business after your baby with more ease
These masterclasses will help you navigate the changes in the relationship you have with your business, yourself, and your identity as a new/working mum.
Cassie sees and holds a vision of your limitless potential as mother and biz woman and she coaches from that frequency.

Working with Cassie felt like I was talking to a good friend who is also a biz wizard and empathetic mother (the best kind of combo).

Cassie walks beside you (not above you) from a place of deeply knowing the path. I felt seen, heard and held and above all, a lot of excitement about the future.

After a session, you can’t help but meet her there! By the end of my time with Cass I left remembering who the hell I am and what I am capable in all my roles as woman!

And that feeling… it sticks!

- GREER ADAMS, Coach & Healer

One masterclass will help you process fears, and start mapping out your maternity and back-to-biz plans.

The other will help you create a new path forward in your beautiful business.

This is powerful and deeply needed work.

You’ll walk away feeling confident, calm, grounded but also completely fired up, because everything you desire is still possible for you, and this is just the beginning.

(C) Cassie Mendoza-Jones